The family of Michael Jackson is seeking another wrongful death suit. Jackson died in 2009 at age 50, and the cause was found to be an overdose of a drug given to him by his physician. The doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted of manslaughter charges in 2011, but the family has been seeking a wrongful death suit related to the concert promoter, AEG.

The court documents were filed on behalf of Jackson’s mother and his three children, claiming that the jury that cleared AEG in a previous wrongful death suit was subject to misconduct. Additionally, the family alleges that insufficient evidence was used in this previous trial and that new evidence has been uncovered since that trial. The paperwork filed would open a new trial in that lawsuit.

Although Jackson is a notable figure and the allegations of negligence on the part of a concert promoter are unlikely to be involved in the average case of wrongful death, it is important to note that a new trial can be opened in a lawsuit. In this case, the decision was made in October, and the new suit has been filed now, in December.

Many families who are affected by medical malpractice, medical errors or wrongful death are unaware of their legal options. The financial burdens that may result from these cases can be sizable, and compensation for them may be available. Medical expenses and loss of wages are just a couple of the financial issues a family may face as the victims of malpractice or wrongful death.

Source: Reuters, “Michael Jackson’s family to seek new trial and wrongful death lawsuit” Piya Sinha-Roy and Eric Kelsey, Dec. 03, 2013