Medical negligence or mistakes can lead to serious consequences for patients, including death. When family members deal with the treatment of a loved one that borders on medical malpractice, it can be difficult to get honest answers from hospitals. In a recent California case, a consumer group is alleging a possible cover up and asking authorities to get involved.

The consumer group alleges that the Children’s Hospital in this case is withholding medical records and information from the family. According to the group, this is not the first time records have been withheld from families. The group accuses the hospital of engaging in pressure tactics involved in removing children from life support.

In this particular case, a 13-year-old girl was admitted to the hospital for what was supposed to be a routing tonsillectomy. Whether post-operative errors, surgical errors or negligence caused problems, the girl is now on life support. The consumer agency reports that the hospital has not provided the family with medical records.

According to the agency, the hospital attempted to remove the 13-year-old girl from life support. Her family had to obtain a cease-and-desist order to stop this from happening. That order was served on Dec. 17.

A consumer watchdog group is involved in the case and has sent a letter to the California medical board as well as the local district attorney and the state attorney general. The letter lays out the facts of the case and makes several allegations against the hospital. The consumer group is asking the authorities to investigate the case before all evidence is destroyed or tampered with.

This case is tragic, as is any case involving the injury or death of a loved one during routine medical treatment. For families, answers regarding possible negligence or malpractice can be as important as compensation for loss. Neither of those things is possible if hospital records are withheld or internal investigations are tainted by bias.

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