As a construction worker, you put a lot of stress of your body. Working with heavy equipment and materials on a daily basis can cause stress to your joints and muscles and eventually end in a serious injury. You are conditioned to be on alert for hazards such as holes, falling objects and live electrical lines. While remaining focused on those dangers, it is easy to lose sight of those things that seem less traumatic.

Unfortunately, you are at a high risk of injury due to repetitive motion and overuse. These types of injuries can sneak up on you. It is hard to recall the exact moment that the injury occurred because the symptoms usually begin to manifest gradually.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation is not just for sudden traumatic accidents. If you are suffering from a shoulder injury due to overuse or repetitive motion on the job, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages.

Worksite injuries go beyond the obvious ones

It is easy to suffer an overuse injury when you are doing the same types of activities while on the job site. They typically occur when too much stress is placed on the joint or tissue. Inflammation is a very common overuse injury. You could be suffering from inflammation of the area that keeps your shoulder bone and tendons lubricated. It is also possible that the fibers connecting your muscles to the bones are inflamed. Other common shoulder injuries include frozen shoulder, which limits movement, and inflammation of the rotator cuff. Only a doctor can properly diagnose your injury, so do not hesitate to see your general practitioner to start treatment.

Once your doctor has correctly diagnosed your injury, you may need standard first aid, physical therapy, prescription medicine and maybe even surgery. The treatment prescribed will depend on the location, type, and severity of your injury along with your age and health condition. Other factors that may help your doctor determine treatment include when the injury occurred, the type of work you do, and any sports or hobbies you participant in.

Don’t foot the bill – look into your legal options first!

If you are experiencing shoulder pain due to the demands of you job, you may qualify to receive workers’ compensation. You should not have to pay for medical treatment or suffer lost wages because you were injured on the job. Contact a local San Bernardino attorney with personal injury experience for help filing your claim for benefits.