Cerebral palsy doesn't have to limit your child's potential

Discovering that your child has a lifelong disability is often one of the most difficult things for a parent to experience. You probably did everything you could to ensure your child was developing properly during your pregnancy. Now, months after the birth, your child is showing symptoms of cerebral palsy, which could be the result of a birth injury.

It can be difficult to adjust to the changes in your lifestyle and expectations that come with a serious diagnosis, like cerebral palsy. Thankfully, depending on your network of support and available medical treatments, your child's diagnosis won't limit the future.

Modern medicine has made it possible for those with less severe cases of cerebral palsy to live similar lives when compared to their peers. In order for your child to reach his or her fullest potential and overcome the speech, learning and motor deficits that accompany the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, you need robust and highly individualized medical care.

With the right help and a plan that emphasizes whole-life mobility and progress, your child can experience and enjoy a full life, including a career, marriage and a family. Doctor Lee Schuh, MD, is a great example of a child's limitless potential.

A doctor with cerebral palsy, treating patients with the same condition

Dr. Lee Schuh was born in Korea. He spent his earliest years in an orphanage, which is where he received a diagnosis of mild cerebral palsy. At the age of eight, he got adopted by an American family and came to the United States. His early experiences with cerebral palsy left him fascinated by rehabilitative medicine.

He maintained that interest and passion throughout his academic career, noting that there was a lot of focus on cerebral palsy in children but less support for adults. He now specializes in rehabilitative medicine for adults with cerebral palsy, helping them overcome the process of aging.

Dr. Schuh's background has helped him approach his patients and his practice with compassion. He states that his primary focus is to help his patients maintain or improve motor function and reduce pain as much as possible. He also helps his patients and their other medical professionals develop a forward-looking approach to treating cerebral palsy. By taking early steps to reduce future symptoms, medical professionals can help those with cerebral palsy who are aging stave off the worst pain and loss of function.

An attorney can help you connect with the compensation your child needs

If your child's cerebral palsy is related to a birth injury or other form of medical malpractice, an experienced attorney can help your family.

It can be difficult to get the medical help and financial compensation you deserve for a birth injury, which is why an experienced California personal injury and medical malpractice attorney is important. Your lawyer can help ensure that your child has access to the kind of medical care that can give him or her an unlimited future.

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