Sometimes, people sustain work-related injuries that only interrupt their lives on a temporary basis. After a while, some are able to completely recover and enjoy the quality of life they experienced beforehand. Sadly, some workers suffer injuries on the job that are so severe they become permanently disabled. For people who are going through this in San Bernardino, it is vital to know which resources are available in California, such as workers’ compensation. In fact, workers’ comp even offers permanent disability benefits that have helped many workers with lifelong injuries.

The Department of Industrial Relations states that permanent disability benefits are available to those who suffer a job-related illness or injury that is chronic and interferes with their ability to make a living. Moreover, workplace accidents which cause permanent disabilities allow victims to receive permanent disability payments, even if they are able to head back to work.

The DIR also draws attention to a few factors that affect how much an injured worker will receive after suffering a permanent disability. For example, claims administrators assess the amount they were earning prior to their disability, the date they became injured, and their disability rating.

Permanent disabilities can generate an incredible amount of anxiety, in addition to serious pain and an array of financial difficulties. Because of these challenges, it is essential for workplace accident victims going through these problems to understand which resources can help them move on. For many work accident victims whose lives were changed forever, permanent disability payments have served as a lifeline.