In another article on this blog, we took a look at a tragic event on the San Bernardino roadways and the potential legal questions arising from it. However, while the roads have the potential to be very dangerous, there are often hazards in our daily lives that we tend to overlook or dismiss as unavoidable. 

At Kampf, Schiavone and Associates, we know that many of the life-changing injuries that happen in California result from accidents or unsafe conditions in the workplace. Often, employers are ready to step up and take responsibility for these incidents when they occur. When businesses attempt to shirk this duty, we are ready to step in with tenacious representation.

In our previous article, we discussed a hit-and-run accident. You might not see the comparison right away, but we tend to view the acts of negligent employers or insurance companies in a similar light to those of someone who would cause an injury and leave the scene. We hold that it is inexcusable to avoid responsibility to the point that the injured party must go to the law for recourse.

We believe that any party that causes harm due to negligence or ill will deserves to pay for the result of the injurious act. We carry that belief forward with the way we pursue our clients’ interests: building case strategy, collecting evidence, negotiating for settlements and taking the issue to trial if necessary.

Employers that attempt to avoid responsibility for causing an unsafe workplace are not the same as hit-and-run drivers, but both burden people with their negligent actions. Our job as attorneys is to help balance the scales. Please continue to read more on our main site.