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The importance of a second medical opinion

Most people who live in California have been raised to respect doctors and trust in the advice they receive from physicians. This is understandable and certainly health care professionals deserve respect but patients also should remember that they deserve to have the chance to advocate for themselves. In addition, doctors are people which means they are prone to making mistakes. This highlights the importance of seeking a second medical opinion in some cases.

No foreseeable cure for doctor errors

CNN estimates that medical errors now hold third place as the leading cause of deaths in America. The doctors who led the study cited claimed that there are 251,454 annual deaths caused by medical errors. Due to the prevalence of plastic surgery in California, in addition to medical surgery, it is reasonable to conclude that residents in the Golden State perhaps account for a lion’s share of those numbers.

A possible connection between tired patients and lawsuits

Medical malpractice incidents can have long-lasting and dangerous side effects on patients. Depending on the severity of the incident, victims of malpractice may suffer unnecessary pain, the financial burden resulting from extended care and even chronic illness as a result of the trauma they endured. While these extreme incidents may not seem common in California, they do happen and attention is often focused on health care professionals and what they should be doing to prevent future incidents. 

Can my doctor sue me back?

Bringing a medical malpractice suit against your doctor would not likely result in any type of retaliation in California courts. Any reputable injury attorney you retain would probably analyze your situation to make sure you had a good chance at winning your case. Winning would close off many countersuit options for your opposition — and those options would typically not be fruitful in the first place.

What are possible sources of dirty hospital air?

We want our California hospitals to be a place of treatment and healing. We would not want to go to a hospital only to end up sicker than when we first came in. And yet if proper hygiene is not observed or if there is a problem with facility upkeep, there is the possibility that pathogens and infections could get loose in the air. The result is that patients may endure longer hospital stays or otherwise healthy people may become ill.

Medical errors the nation’s third-most common cause of death

While the top two causes of death in America, which are cancer and heart disease, may not surprise you, the third-most common cause of death for residents of California and the United States may not be what you expect. Currently, the third-most-common cause of death in the nation is medical errors, and these can take on many different harmful forms. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we recognize that, when doctors make mistakes, the repercussions are often gravely serious and even deadly, and we have helped many people who suffered hardship because of a doctor or medical professional’s negligence seek appropriate recourse.

What are retained surgical items?

Thousands of people enter into operating rooms every year in the United States. Qualified, licensed surgeons and other medical professionals hold the trust of people as they undergo procedures as a way to save or improve their lives. If you have gone under the knife, you may know first-hand the feelings associated with putting your life in the hands of a medical professional. It may be hard to imagine leaving the operating room with a surgical instrument still inside your operating site. As horrible as this sounds, it happens more often than you may wish to think. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University shows that at least 4,000 people suffer from this form of medical malpractice every year.

Risks associated with unnecessary Cesarean sections

Nowadays, one out of every three babies born across California and the United States undergoes a Cesarean section delivery, making it the most common surgery currently performed in the country. Most women prefer to deliver their babies vaginally, however, and C-sections also bring with them certain risks that can affect both mother and baby. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we understand that C-sections that are not medically unnecessary expose you to potential harm, and we have helped many women and families who suffered hardship following this type of delivery pursue appropriate recourse.

Hospital sued for clinicians failing to call a Code Blue

Should one step into any hospital or medical center in San Bernardino, they will encounter a fast-paced, interconnected network of employees working in several areas performing different functions, all to ensure that the appropriate care is delivered to a single patient. From the registrar that checks a patient in to the clinician reviewing said patient's chart prior to discharge, every employee involved plays a critical role (even those in non-clinical functions). The failure of a single link in this caregiving chain can produce devastating results for a patient. 

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