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Workplace safety might require better employee training

Safety regulations issued by federal and state agencies are intended to make modern workplaces safer and prevent injuries. Yet data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that many types of injuries are recurring, despite those efforts. As a workers’ compensation attorney might attest, back injuries, eye injuries, and accidents from slips and falls continue to injure many employees in workplaces across America.

California firefighters benefit from safety regulations

Readers of this California workers’ compensation blog have heard about various workplace incidents, possibly caused by an employer’s failure to comply with safety regulations and standards established by the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Yet those safety guidelines also apply to jobs without a permanent workplace, or perhaps a constantly moving one, as in the case of rescue workers.

Hospital Profits From Surgical Errors

Surgeries in the United States cost about $400 billion per year. But, if insurers gave hospitals an incentive to reduce surgical complications, it is likely that number would decrease. The study by BCG analyzed insurance billing data from over 34,000 in-patient surgeries performed in 2010 in the southern United States. Of the surgeries studied, 5.3 percent, or about 1,820 patients, saw at least one complication.

Inspectors announce findings about Chevron refinery fire

San Bernardino readers might recall the fire at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, California last year. Federal officials investigating the accident recently announced some of their findings.

OSHA requires annual tally of workplace injuries

After the cooler weather and rains of winter, spring is a welcome arrival for many San Bernadino residents. Rising temperatures, new blooms, and spring break vacation travel plans are some of the seasonal milestones. Even less pleasant reminders of the season -- such as the upcoming Tax Day -- cannot dampen the sense of renewal brought by spring.

OSHA targets California's agricultural workplaces

The California Division of Occupational Health and Safety recently announced that it will be paying special attention to the workplace safety of fixed sites on agricultural properties, such as greenhouses, packing sheds, and dairies. The planned inspections are in response to complaints received last year about heat-related illnesses affecting many agricultural workers in such workplaces.

California benefits from tougher workplace safety regulations

California readers might be surprised to learn that mining is actually big business for the state -- nonfuel, raw mineral production, to be precise. In fact, California has led the nation in nonfuel mineral production for six consecutive years, accounting for eight percent of the country's mineral commodities.

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