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What are some common types of construction injuries in CA?

A job in construction allows workers the opportunity to use their skills, strength and knowledge to build, create and reinforce buildings and make a living doing it. A career in this industry also has certain risks associated with it that many of those who hold a desk job will never face. There really is no limit as to the type of workplace injuries that can occur on a construction job site. However, there are a few types of injuries that stand out as more common than others.

We proudly represent workplace injury sufferers

Our last blog post discussed back injuries in the medical profession and how they can be avoided. Though certain preventative steps can be taken to prevent workplace injuries in any profession, the unfortunate reality is that workers can be harmed even if they do everything they can to keep themselves safe. Repetitive motions, lifting heavy objects and working with heavy machinery can all place an individual at risk of harm. When you suffer a workplace injury, you could be left not only in physical pain, but you might also experience significant financial loss.

California high court rules in case of injured home health aide

Medical professionals who care for ill, elderly and disabled people commonly face the risk of on-the-job injury. They are often required to lift patients and perform other strenuous tasks that can lead to neck and back injuries. Those who deal with mentally ill people also face the risk that an unruly patient may harm them.

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