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Detailing the Glasgow Coma Scale

The families and friends of those who suffer traumatic brain injuries in San Bernardino will often immediately assume the worst when considering their loved one's prognosis. When one learns that another has suffered a TBI, their default expectation may be that person will be in a persistent vegetative state for the rest of their lives (and thus dependent on around-the-clock care). While the aftereffects of a TBI can linger (indeed, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 5.3 million Americans are currently dealing with a TBI-related disability), many injury victims can make a full to partial recovery. 

Can a brain injury affect personality?

A brain injury is always serious. Even a mild injury can cause side effects and problems for you. Your doctor in California will likely require monitoring and follow up visits to ensure your brain heals properly. While the physical damage is easy to see and monitor for your doctor, there are other possible issues that could arise that are a little more difficult to deal with, for you and your doctor. One of those is changes to your personality.

Bike accidents and brain injuries

When it comes to bike accidents, all sorts of consequences may arise in the wake of a wreck. From the loss of life and broken bones to financial challenges and emotional hardships, the ramifications of bicycle accidents can be overwhelming for victims and their loved ones. Sometimes, a bicyclist is responsible for the accident, which may involve a vehicle or may only involve the bicyclist. In other instances, a reckless driver may cause the crash after slamming into someone who was riding a bike. Moreover, brain injuries one of the more concerning consequences associated with bike accidents.

Can blows to the head have future consequences?

It is not surprising if, after taking a blow to the head, you feel lucky if you do not suffer any health problems following your injury. Indeed, some head injuries can be minor with no ill effects afterward. However, this is not always the case. Following a head injury in California, a person might suffer from something as serious as an intracranial hematoma and not know it until symptoms develop later on.

The facts about traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injury sounds like a severe problem, and it is certainly not something one should take lightly. However, many TBI events in California might not get reported. This is because, in a technical sense, these injuries range from mild to severe, and usually only severe cases get the attention all of them might deserve.

Screening method detects mild TBI

People who suffer from severe brain injuries may experience serious symptoms, such as seizures, sensory deficiencies and memory loss. Studies show, however, that people who have mild to moderate brain trauma may also experience long-lasting damage. Diffusion Tensor Imaging helps physicians detect mild to moderate brain damage by showing the structure of the brain’s white matter. In a healthy brain, the white matter is very structured, but when damage has occurred, the DTI shows a change in brightness in the white matter. Physicians are then able to find the exact location of the brain trauma and create a treatment plan and therapy targeting that area of the brain.

How might a mild traumatic brain injury impact your life?

When a California car accident, work accident or other type of incident causes you to suffer a serious blow to your head, you may experience what is known as a traumatic brain injury. Typically classified in terms of severity as either minor, moderate or severe, traumatic brain injuries can impact virtually every area of your life, from your ability to speak and recall events to your ability to interact with others in the manner you always have.

Does domestic violence contribute to traumatic brain injury?

It is easy to think of brain injuries affecting football players and victims of car accidents, but have you ever considered connections between domestic violence and head trauma? It is not hard to imagine, is it? Spouses get into an argument that escalates into punches, and next thing you know, someone is on the way to a California emergency room.

Prevalence of brain injured inmates giving a new perspective

When people in California suffer a traumatic brain injury, their entire way of seeing things, processing information and making decisions is altered. Often, they are required to relearn several habits and behaviors that were previously basic or innate. While family members and friends may do their best to provide consistent support and encouragement, brain-injured individuals often have to receive intervention of some sort to assist them in learning how to cope and thrive despite the changes they have experienced. 

Can a brain injury cause vision problems?

Being struck in the head, whether as a result of a vehicular accident or an accident on a California jobsite, can do more than just cause traumatic brain injury. Trauma inflicted on the human brain can produce a variety of delayed reactions, including damaging a person’s ability to see. According to the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC), TBI sufferers may experience a number of problems with their vision.

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