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Victim sues employer for negligence claiming 'unsafe environment'

When people arrive at work in California each day, they have the right to work in an environment that is free of hazards. Employers should take adequate measures to train employees on how to properly use equipment and machinery to mitigate the risks that are inherent in specific jobs. Additionally, they should strive to create an environment where people are respectful of each other and understand the repercussions for behavior that is not in line with company standards and protocols. 

Does OSHA really keep work sites safe?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was designed to help keep workplaces safe. You probably have had some OSHA training regardless of where you work in California because OSHA oversees all types of workplaces. You may wonder, though, just how effective this agency really is at preventing accidents and keeping people safe at work.

What threat do trench collapses pose for construction workers?

Construction workers across California have inherently dangerous jobs, and thousands of them suffer on-the-job injuries every year. While working from heights, working with power tools and working on scaffolding all pose injury risks for construction workers, so, too, does working in trenches. In fact, working in trenches or on excavation efforts is one of the most dangerous tasks today’s construction workers perform.

A look at workplace accidents: Brain trauma

People who have been involved in a workplace accident involving a sharp blow to the head, may suffer from a brain injury. Whether a worker fell victim to a slip-and-fall accident or had a falling object land on his or her head, the damage may be long-term. Brain injuries occur when a sudden jolt causes the soft brain tissue to hit against the hard skull bone, causing brain bleeding, tissue inflammation and bruising. The damage may be apparent immediately or could take several days to show. It is crucial that employees understand the signs and symptoms of brain injury so they can seek immediate attention.

On-the-job pedestrian accidents

Employees sustain injuries for many reasons while working, whether they slip and fall or are injured due to malfunctioning equipment. However, traffic can be especially dangerous for some workers, even if they are not required to drive a vehicle as part of their job duties. Pedestrian accidents can occur in many different fields and leave employees with severe injuries, or even claim their lives. If you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident that took place while you were working, you should know your legal options as you try to recover.

Workplace accidents - what can I do about them?

California employees do not get up in the morning expecting to find themselves caught up in a workplace accident later in the day. In fact, most of you likely feel fairly safe at work. Even construction workers, who have one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, can often get so used to the risk it does not feel quite so risky anymore. 

Why water and electrical cords do not mix in the workplace

When it comes to electrical shocks, one easy equation to remember is that water plus electricity equals a nasty electric shock. California workplaces should keep their employees safe from water related electric shocks. Without proper safety standards and worker awareness, an unwary employee could become the victim of an unfortunate workplace electrical accident.

What are ways to reduce construction workplace accidents?

California construction sites present their share of hazards, and as such, it is important for construction managers to find ways to prevent accidents or to stop previous accidents from reoccurring. According to an article run on the Industrial Safety & Hygiene News website, construction accidents generally result from two general causes, namely unsafe acts or unsafe conditions. Understanding these two sources of workplace injury can assist in reducing the risk of accidents on the jobsite.

What are 4 common causes of ladder accidents?

A California construction site is an inherently dangerous place, and every time you show up to your job, you run the risk of suffering an injury related to your work environment. While working around heavy machinery, scaffolding and near-constant noise can prove risky in and of itself, there are also numerous hazards posed by working on or near ladders.

What are falling objects and how can they be prevented?

According to OSHA, one of the leading causes of construction workplace accidents is being struck by an object. The nature of construction activity in California construction sites can be hazardous and if a worker is not properly prepared or vigilant, someone can get hit by an object. Such accidents can result in small abrasions, but can also become very serious, with people suffering concussions or even death from an object impact.

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