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What should workers do after an injury?

Whether a construction worker falls off a ladder or someone is hurt in a slip and fall accident, there are many reasons why workplace injuries occur. From a leg injury to a brain or neck injury, the details of these accidents vary from case to case. Unfortunately, when someone is hurt in a workplace accident they may struggle with a number of hardships, such as physical pain, lost wages and costly medical expenses. As a result, workers in San Bernardino and across California who are going through this firsthand should do everything in their ability to recover, which may include taking legal action.

We proudly represent workplace injury sufferers

Our last blog post discussed back injuries in the medical profession and how they can be avoided. Though certain preventative steps can be taken to prevent workplace injuries in any profession, the unfortunate reality is that workers can be harmed even if they do everything they can to keep themselves safe. Repetitive motions, lifting heavy objects and working with heavy machinery can all place an individual at risk of harm. When you suffer a workplace injury, you could be left not only in physical pain, but you might also experience significant financial loss.

Federal program honors safe workplaces

In a recent post, we discussed the On-site Consultation Program. Offered by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the program functions as an incentive to small business owners. However, the program may benefit both employer and employee alike. By taking proactive safety measures -- usually offered in the form of free advice by an OSHA official -- small business owners might avoid costly fines by OSHA inspectors.

Silica dust safety rules may be outdated, unsafe for workers

Exposure to particulates in the workplace can pose a health risk to workers. A century ago, grain mills without adequate ventilation technology may have exposed workers to unhealthy levels of flour dust, resulting in a condition commonly referred to as white lung. The modern equivalent turns out to be silica dust.

OSHA investigates gas plant explosion

Although many California companies might be exploring the feasibility of alternative fuel sources, petroleum remains a dominant fuel source for consumers and businesses. That demand, in turn, requires infrastructure and plants. Yet the concentration of highly flammable gas or petroleum products in one plant might create a safety hazard, as today’s story illustrates.

Will rising temp workforce affect workers' compensation law?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues regulations for employers in many different types of industries. Such laws are intended to make workplaces safer for workers by requiring preventative safety measures, as well as safety protocols, to apply to potentially dangerous activities.

Meditation treatment for on-the-job back injuries

California readers might not be surprised to learn that back injuries are the most common type of on-the-job injury sustained by California workers. Sometimes, the injury sustained is due to a pulled muscle, which might heal after rest. Other workplace back injuries, unfortunately, are more elusive.

New technology offers hope for workplace spinal injuries

Chances are that many California readers might still associate a spinal injury with partial, if not complete paralysis. Although a spinal injury might be extremely unlikely in an office environment, there are workplaces where such an injury might be a possibility. Unsafe construction sites, falls from malfunctioning or unsecured scaffolding, and factories are examples of sites where a workplace injury might result in damage to the spinal cord.

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