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Doctor admits to receiving illegal kickbacks in California

From post-operative errors to wrong-site surgery, there are many types of medical mistakes. Sadly, far too many Americans have suffered serious injuries and even lost their life due to these dangerous medical mistakes, which continue to take place in San Bernardino and throughout California. These incidents can turn the lives of patients upside down and it is very important for anyone who has been injured due to a doctor error to immediately assess their situation and take action.

What should workers do after an injury?

Whether a construction worker falls off a ladder or someone is hurt in a slip and fall accident, there are many reasons why workplace injuries occur. From a leg injury to a brain or neck injury, the details of these accidents vary from case to case. Unfortunately, when someone is hurt in a workplace accident they may struggle with a number of hardships, such as physical pain, lost wages and costly medical expenses. As a result, workers in San Bernardino and across California who are going through this firsthand should do everything in their ability to recover, which may include taking legal action.

Brain injury is a long-term injury write-off on federal taxes

A personal injury is nothing to seek out or to be happy about. But if there are ways for people to recoup some of their losses that have been experienced in 2014, they should take advantage of those opportunities. What opportunities could there possibly be for someone affected by a long-term injury such as a brain injury? Federal taxes allows write offs for medical expenses related to long-term care.

Favorable settlement for brain injury is a reality in CA

There is still so much that doctors and medical professionals do not understand about the human brain. This means that when it is not functioning correctly, it can take a lot to fix it or manage the symptoms of the injury. This is even more true for injuries resulting from blunt impact or whiplash. These types of injuries often result from cases that could be considered a personal injury case.

What are some common types of construction injuries in CA?

A job in construction allows workers the opportunity to use their skills, strength and knowledge to build, create and reinforce buildings and make a living doing it. A career in this industry also has certain risks associated with it that many of those who hold a desk job will never face. There really is no limit as to the type of workplace injuries that can occur on a construction job site. However, there are a few types of injuries that stand out as more common than others.

We proudly represent workplace injury sufferers

Our last blog post discussed back injuries in the medical profession and how they can be avoided. Though certain preventative steps can be taken to prevent workplace injuries in any profession, the unfortunate reality is that workers can be harmed even if they do everything they can to keep themselves safe. Repetitive motions, lifting heavy objects and working with heavy machinery can all place an individual at risk of harm. When you suffer a workplace injury, you could be left not only in physical pain, but you might also experience significant financial loss.

Can I deduct medical expenses from my 2014 taxes?

January is the time of year when people receive all of their income information related to their taxes. It often gets people thinking about possible deductions they can take from their income to save money on their taxes. There have been some changes in healthcare around the country over the last several years, as many already know. However, if last year people suffered a personal injury with resounding medical expenses it could affect their taxes this year.

Am I entitled to compensation for my child's birth injury?

Thousands of infants are injured every year due to an injury suffered during birth. Sometimes these injuries are foreseeable and possibly preventable. What would this mean if this was true for your family? A family whose child suffered a birth injury could be entitled to compensation due to a preventable nature of the injury.

How to recover medical expenses related to medical malpractice

Physicians are meant to be a wealth of knowledge and expertise for those who are ill or in need of medical attention. Most would never think that a physician's choices could actually worsen their health. But that is the truth in some of those cases in which patients claim medical malpractice against a physician or hospital. There are ways to recover damages incurred due to medical malpractice, and the services of an experienced California medical malpractice attorney can help recover these expenses.

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