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Brain injury and assault

From playgrounds with dangerous equipment to motor vehicle collisions, people injure their brains in many ways. Unfortunately, some of these injuries are the result of an intentional act, such as physical assault. Many of the brain injuries that occur in the U.S. each year are caused by an attack and the consequences can be absolutely devastating for victims. In some instances, a brain injury may be so severe that the victim will never be able to enjoy the lifestyle they had prior to the attack. Kampf, Schiavone & Associates understands the obstacles that those with injured brains face and we hope that people struggling with these injuries can move forward.

Workplace hazards and brain injuries

There are a wide variety of hazards in different occupations, some of which often go under the radar. For example, people may think that a white-collar job does not present many physical risks. However, someone could slip on a wet floor and hit their head, sustaining a traumatic brain injury. We know that workers across San Bernardino may also sustain brain injuries in many other ways while working and it is vital for those with a brain injury to explore their options.

Traumatic brain injury: causes and effects

The Brain Injury Association of America reports that 2.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury every year. California residents who have suffered a TBI in a fall or a car crash know how devastating the consequences can be. It is important to remember that no two brain injuries are alike; TBI symptoms and effects therefore can vary from person to person, often greatly so.

Long-term disability care: the real costs

When you think of long-term disability care in California, you most likely think of the monetary costs for doctor’s visits, surgeries, nursing facilities, prescription medication and medical assistance. While these can be hefty and cost several thousand dollars each year, we at Kampf Schiavone and Associates know that there are other costs that are not often mentioned and cannot be factored with a calculator.

Recognizing the symptoms of a TBI

Whether a construction worker is struck in the head by falling debris, a child is injured on the playground or a motorist hits their head during a collision, there are many ways that people suffer brain injuries. In San Bernardino, these injuries can cause a smorgasbord of hardships for California families and it is crucial for people to recognize the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, people do not always realize they suffered a traumatic brain injury until years later.

The basics of brain injury

Brain injury can be a confusing topic for most people in California, whether the questions concern how the trauma happened or what recovery is like. The truth is that brain injuries can happen in many different ways and can cause a variety of problems. reports that 52,000 people die of brain injury every year in the United States, and another 275,000 are hospitalized.

Traumatic brain injuries and workers' comp

Sometimes, workplace injuries are immediately evident, such as those which involve a broken bone or serious burn. However, some jobsite injuries take longer to become visible, including repetitive strain injuries and traumatic brain injuries. If you have suffered a head injury in San Bernardino, or a workplace anywhere in California, it is very important for you to explore your options. For example, you may be entitled to workers' compensation. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we are very familiar with the challenges that injured workers frequently endure (medical bills, the loss of a job, physical pain, etc.).

Falls, car crashes and other brain injury causes

Whether a construction worker falls off of a ladder, an athlete is struck in the head while playing team sports or a nursing home resident slips on the floor, brain injuries happen in many different ways. In San Bernardino, California, these injuries may leave victims with short-term challenges or permanently change their lives. From workers' compensation to holding negligent people accountable, some brain injury victims have numerous options on the table. That said, it is essential for people to understand some of the primary reasons why these injuries continue to occur.

New study shows staying in game doubles recovery time for concussions

Don't be a quitter, think about your teammates, play through the pain--call it sports culture: Parents, coaches and trainers are all complicit at one time or another. And it doesn't seem to be a uniquely American phenomenon. Athletes participating at the 2016 Rio Olympics recounted many stories of training--and competing--while injured. In essence, they expressed the "no-pain-no-gain" mindset that has made them the elite athletes that they are.

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