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Knee dislocation: From symptoms to treatment

A dislocated knee is every bit as painful as it sounds, and this injury has the potential to keep you off your feet for an extended period of time.

There are many causes of knee dislocations, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Slip-and-falls
  • Trip-and-falls, e.g., stumbling down a flight of stairs or stepping in a hole in a parking lot
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Twisting and/or turning in an awkward manner

On-the-job pedestrian accidents

Employees sustain injuries for many reasons while working, whether they slip and fall or are injured due to malfunctioning equipment. However, traffic can be especially dangerous for some workers, even if they are not required to drive a vehicle as part of their job duties. Pedestrian accidents can occur in many different fields and leave employees with severe injuries, or even claim their lives. If you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident that took place while you were working, you should know your legal options as you try to recover.

Sometimes, people are asked to work alongside the road, such as those who hold a sign to advertise a business. Others may need to cross a busy street in order to run an errand for their employer, which can also be dangerous. Unfortunately, workers who have to take on these responsibilities may run the risk of being struck by a reckless driver, such as someone who is drunk or exhibiting any other form of negligent driving.

Risk of birth injury: "rare but worrisome"

Nine months these California parents have waited to meet their newest family addition face to face - nine months of preparation and expectation and hope. When painful contractions finally signal impending delivery, the parents grab the bag they have stashed for this very moment, and off they race to the hospital. Hopes and dreams are about to come true. 

Do they feel any impending danger? Most likely not. They have prepared for this day, waited for it and done everything possible to be ready when it arrived. What happens, then, when the unexpected surprises them and the delivery is not as smooth as hoped? 

Painful realities of birth injury

Giving birth can be a scary experience. It is not unusual for both new and experienced California mothers to feel afraid when the day they have been waiting nine months for finally arrives. Every birth is unique and with that in the back of their minds, moms know unexpected complications can come up at anytime. 

What most do not expect - and even hope and pray against - is a physical injury to their newborn. Most moms do everything in their power to give their growing babies exactly what they need throughout the nine months leading to birth. Their protective instinct would also lead mothers to do all they can to keep their little ones safe - in the womb, throughout the birthing process and for their entire lives. 

The high cost of a brain injury

If you reside in California and you or someone you love suffered a brain injury on the job, while receiving medical care or through other circumstances, you may have justifiable concerns about how the injury will impact your life. In addition to the serious physical toll brain injuries can take on you or your loved one, they are also a considerable financial burden, and they can have a tremendous and negative effect on your finances moving forward. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we recognize just how much a brain injury can cost nowadays, and we have helped many clients and their loved ones attempt to hold those responsible for their brain injuries accountable.

Per Northwestern University, when you or your loved one suffers a brain injury, you can anticipate associated lifetime care costs climbing to somewhere between $85,000 to $3 million. Part of this cost often comes from an inability to earn an income. While the national unemployment rate currently sits at about 5 percent, the national unemployment rate among those who received brain injury diagnoses two years prior is 60 percent.

3 common anesthesia errors

If you or one of your California loved ones has ever gone under the knife and required anesthesia, you probably know that there are inevitable risks involved with receiving anesthetic treatment. When anesthesiologists make errors, the repercussions can prove severe and even fatal, so it is important that anyone who undergoes treatment involving anesthesia fully understand the risks involved before doing so. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we know that you place a certain degree of trust in your physicians, and we have helped many clients who suffered injury or hardship because of a medical provider’s negligence or mistake pursue appropriate recourse.

According to Elcam Safety, many anesthesia-related medical errors involve medication dosing mistakes. Dosing mistakes are frequently the result of an anesthesiologist’s inexperience, but carelessness and a lack of familiarity with medical equipment are also common factors in anesthesia dosing errors.

What risks are associated with a vacuum extraction?

If you are like many California mothers or mothers-to-be, you may envision the birth of your child and picture a smooth, simple birthing process followed by a quick hospital stay and your first ride home as a complete family. Regrettably, however, many births are not this seamless, and in some cases, mothers giving birth may require additional medical intervention, such as a vacuum extraction. Vacuum extractions may prove necessary if you are having trouble delivering your child through a vaginal birth, but there are inevitable risks associated with this type of birthing procedure.

Per the Mayo Clinic, there are a number of different circumstances that can occur during childbirth that may lead your physician to recommend a vacuum extraction. If the baby is in your birth canal headfirst, but you are struggling to push the baby out, your physician may recommend a vacuum extraction. If you have certain medical conditions, including certain heart issues, your doctor may also make such a recommendation, and he or she may do the same if your baby is demonstrating an irregular heartbeat during your labor.

What occupational hazards do nurses face?

If you count yourself among the thousands of people across California who currently earn an income as a nurse, you may understand all too well that, while rewarding, nursing can be an inherently dangerous, difficult occupation. Nurses typically report higher illness and injury rates than professionals across many other industries, and the long hours and often highly emotional nature of the job can only further compound existing difficulties.

Per the U.S. Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health, many nurses who develop illness or suffer injury while on the job experience similar health issues, and that many of those issues and hardships result from similar circumstances. Chronic pain, for example, is among the most common complaints lodged by today’s nurses, many of whom experience pains in their lower backs, knees and upper extremities. Often, persistent pain occurs because nurses handle heavy lifting duties, which might include moving immobile patients, heavy beds, medical equipment or what have you.

Work-related back injuries might be preventable

Many jobs are hard on the back. These include any career that involves standing or sitting for prolonged periods, those that deal with heavy lifting and ones that require bending over. It is hard for many workers to accept the toll that the job is taking on them, but doing so increases their safety.

There are two primary categories of back injuries at work. One of these is an injury that happens as the result of an accident. The other is due to cumulative trauma from job duties. No matter what job you are doing, your employer should make sure you have the tools to protect your back. Here are some important points to know.

Workplace accidents - what can I do about them?

California employees do not get up in the morning expecting to find themselves caught up in a workplace accident later in the day. In fact, most of you likely feel fairly safe at work. Even construction workers, who have one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, can often get so used to the risk it does not feel quite so risky anymore. 

That could be part of the problem, though. Sometimes you might find yourself lulled into a place of comfort simply because you have always been comfortable. If you have not seen workplace accidents up close and never been involved in one, you might feel like they happen in other places to other people.

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