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Can professional athletes receive workers' comp?

Jobsite incidents that cause injuries take many forms, from mishaps on construction sites to slip-and-fall events in offices. However, those who play professional sports also become injured on the job and may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits in California, depending on their circumstances. If you are a pro athlete or one of your family members is injured while playing a sport professionally, reviewing workers' compensation eligibility is paramount.

Applying for workers' comp after a spinal cord injury

From traumatic brain injuries to back problems, workplace accidents cause many hardships. However, spinal cord injuries are often especially difficult and it is important for you to examine any resources that are available if your spinal cord was injured at work. In San Bernardino, and other cities around California, some people with injured spinal cords have obtained workers' compensation benefits to help them restore some normalcy in their lives. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we are very familiar with the challenges that people face after a job site accident.

On-the-job accidents in the film industry

While many people envision construction sites when they think of workplace accidents, it is important to remember that on-the-job mishaps occur in all types of industries. Sadly, these accidents sometimes prove fatal or leave workers with serious injuries. In San Bernardino, and all cities in California, those who have suffered broken bones, brain damage or any other types of injuries while working should look into all of the resources that are available to help them move forward.

Choosing a pediatrician for children with cerebral palsy

Like any condition, cerebral palsy has a wide range of effects and severity. The ailment is the most common motor disability in children and affects just over 1 in 300 children born. Results are best when it's cared for early.

Wrongful death and large truck collisions

Whether someone loses their life because they were prescribed the wrong medication or involved in an accident at work that was caused by malfunctioning machinery, there are many examples of wrongful death. However, large truck accidents are a major cause of fatalities that could have been prevented in San Bernardino, and other California cities.

Large truck drivers and workplace accidents

From construction site incidents to a mine collapse, people may envision a number of disasters when they think of workplace accidents. However, if you drive a large truck, such as a bus or a semi truck, you face a number of unique on-the-job risks in San Bernardino and all over California. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we understand the serious nature of workplace accidents, especially for those who operate large trucks.

Can undocumented immigrants apply for workers' comp?

From workplace accidents to layoffs, workers face a number of stressors. However, undocumented immigrants and those who have a work visa may face additional employment-related challenges. If you are an undocumented worker in San Bernardino or employ a worker who is in this position, it is important to understand where California stands on workers' compensation benefits for undocumented workers.

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