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Study focuses on facts surrounding fatal medical errors

When people go to the hospital, they do it because they trust the knowledge and aid of an attending physician and hospital staff. Sometimes people visit the hospital in a life-threatening situation and other times it is due to treatment that is less life threatening. But what if people are putting themselves in more danger by being treated at the hospital? A recent study conducted by the Journal of Patient Safety has assessed the correlations between patient harm and hospital care.

Can I deduct medical expenses from my 2014 taxes?

January is the time of year when people receive all of their income information related to their taxes. It often gets people thinking about possible deductions they can take from their income to save money on their taxes. There have been some changes in healthcare around the country over the last several years, as many already know. However, if last year people suffered a personal injury with resounding medical expenses it could affect their taxes this year.

Former California doctor accused of malpractice denied bond

In recent news, a doctor formally practicing with a California license has been accused of several crimes related to medical malpractice and fraud. According to reports, this doctor told several patients that a type of medical implant would be placed in their spine. This implant, as the patients were told, would reduce the pain related to their medical ailment. However, it has been reported that the implants were discovered never to have been implanted as told by the practicing physician.

Chemical hazards and regulations in the workplace

Certain jobs can pose more safety hazards than others. This includes jobs where workers are subjected to chemicals and other toxic substances. Strict regulations are in place to help protect workers in these environments. Here we have compiled some general information about how chemicals and toxins are safely handled in order to prevent workplace injuries.

Wrongful death lawsuits: recover from the negligent party

In tragic cases where a loved one has become victim to sudden death due to the negligence of another, there are often a lot of questions and confusion. The immediate shock of your loved one's death will likely leave you feeling shaky, scattered and scared. It is crucial that you do not forget your legal rights in this terrible moment. If someone else is responsible for your loved one's death, you must recover for their negligent mistake.

Study shows cerebral palsy rare when babies treated for jaundice

Newborns are so tiny and innocent. They are also susceptible to a range of birth injury complications and diseases because of their fragile bodies and immune systems. One possible complication facing newborns is jaundice. Jaundice can have several implications; however, a new study reports that the risk of brain damage due to jaundice is rare when treated correctly.

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