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Man passes away while working

From broken bones and medical expenses to lost lives, workplace accidents cause a myriad of hardships. Sometimes, these mishaps could have been prevented, such as accidents involving a drunk driver, careless co-worker or dangerous hazard that was left unaddressed. In San Bernardino, and other cities across the state of California, those who are struggling with the consequences of a work accident injury or fatality should consider all of their options.

California man hospitalized after work accident

While workers from all backgrounds face a wide variety of threats on the job, road workers and those employed in the construction industry should be especially cautious while they are at work. Sadly, some accidents are not preventable, whether they were caused by another person's poor judgment or reckless behavior. In San Bernardino, California, it is pivotal for those who have been hurt while working to try their best to move forward.

Reviewing different types of birth injuries

From medical costs to life changes following the birth of a child, expectant parents may face a variety of hurdles. Sadly, some have had to endure the consequences of birth injuries, which can have a tremendous impact on the lives of newborns as well as their parents. On their site, the California Department of Public Health outlines a number of birth injuries that newborns may experience, such as organ or tissue hemorrhaging, peripheral nerve injuries and skeletal fractures. In San Bernardino, and the entire state of California, parents who are struggling with a birth injury should do everything in their power to recover, if possible.

California construction company employee loses life

From scaffolding falls to a mishap which involves defective equipment or machinery, construction workers have many risks to keep in mind. However, electrocution is a particularly dangerous threat that electricians in San Bernardino and other cities face on a regular basis in the state of California. Sometimes, construction workers are fortunate to walk away unscathed from an electrical accident. Tragically, many of these accidents have caused serious injuries and even claimed lives.

Research shows playground TBIs becoming more prevalent

When children suffer a traumatic brain injury, their life may be affected in various ways. Unfortunately, these injuries cause some kids to experience lasting damage in San Bernardino, and across California. For the parents of children, as well as those who are responsible for watching children, preventing these injuries is crucial. Unfortunately, some TBIs are caused by another person's negligence or faulty playground equipment, among other problems.

Worker suffers injury on the job

When workers are hurt, they may experience a variety of changes in life. For example, an injured employee may no longer be able to perform their job responsibilities or return to the position they held prior to the injury. In San Bernardino, California, workplace injuries can also make life complicated for the families of employees who suffer an injury. Sometimes, these injuries can cause a host of financial hardships (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) that make recovery even more of an uphill battle.

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