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35-foot fall claim's man's life

On-the-job accidents take many forms, from falling to those which involve chemical burns and repetitive strain. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are fatal. In California cities such as San Bernardino, construction workers and those employed in all sorts of other occupations often face an overwhelming number of risks at work. As a result, it is crucial for workers to take safety measures and identify any potential hazards. Furthermore, it is essential for those who are hurt at work to closely analyze their set of circumstances and figure out the best way forward.

Taking a look at intestacy laws

When families lose a loved one, moving forward can be incredibly difficult. To make matters even worse, some deaths are the result of another person's negligent behavior and never should have happened. In San Bernardino, and throughout the rest of California, it is critical for families who are in this position to understand their options when it comes to handling a wrongful death. For example, people should familiarize themselves with intestacy laws and know who is entitled to a deceased person's property.

How can I try to recover from a TBI?

Whether you hit your head at work or suffered a TBI when participating in a physical activity, focusing on recovery after a brain injury is paramount. In San Bernardino, California, a shocking number of people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year and the full extent of the damage may not always be immediately clear. If you handle a head injury properly, you may be able to reduce the severity of complications and the injury may have less of an impact on you in the future.

Jobsite accident leaves worker hospitalized

With regard to workplace accidents, there are a number of dangers that employees should always keep in mind. For example, workers should be aware of any hazards that are present in the workplace and follow safety guidelines at all times. Sadly, some jobsite accidents in San Bernardino and across California can't be prevented, whether they are the result of mechanical failure, another worker's negligence or some other factor that was out of the victim's control.

Reviewing workers' compensation statistics

From health care to financial benefits, workers' compensation has helped employees who became injured while at work in a plethora of ways. It is essential for injured workers in San Bernardino and other areas in California to understand which benefits are available to them after suffering a job-related injury or illness and use every resource that is available when trying to recover. Furthermore, injured workers may find it helpful to review relevant statistics regarding workers' compensation and understand each of their options.

How can brain injuries be avoided?

If you or one of your loved ones suffer a traumatic brain injury, life may become very different. From memory loss to difficulty concentrating, brain injuries often have serious consequences for people in San Bernardino, California, and the rest of the nation. Furthermore, the full extent of the injury may not be known until years later, when problems start appearing. As a result, it is important to focus on prevention and immediately address a head injury.

California construction accident results in fatality

From falling debris to dangerous machinery, construction accidents keep happening for a plethora of reasons. Because of the often dangerous nature of construction work, it is crucial for construction companies and employees to be aware of any hazards that are present on the job. Sadly, construction accidents have turned many lives upside down in San Bernadino, and throughout the rest of the state, which underlines the importance of job safety and prevention.

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