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Four die due to likely human error in crane collapse

Residents in Washington State know that their region has experienced significant growth in the last several years. This has led to a boom in the amount of construction happening in order to support expanding business and a growing population base. While there are many positive elements to this reality, there are also serious risks that are experienced by people when they live and work around a virtual construction zone. 

Fatalties from falls on the rise on construction sites

Safety in any industry or segment of life should always be a priority and be something that is able to be improved as technology and communication advance. Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting the lives of construction workers in California, it seems that job sites may be getting less safe instead of safer.

The importance of a second medical opinion

Most people who live in California have been raised to respect doctors and trust in the advice they receive from physicians. This is understandable and certainly health care professionals deserve respect but patients also should remember that they deserve to have the chance to advocate for themselves. In addition, doctors are people which means they are prone to making mistakes. This highlights the importance of seeking a second medical opinion in some cases.

No foreseeable cure for doctor errors

CNN estimates that medical errors now hold third place as the leading cause of deaths in America. The doctors who led the study cited claimed that there are 251,454 annual deaths caused by medical errors. Due to the prevalence of plastic surgery in California, in addition to medical surgery, it is reasonable to conclude that residents in the Golden State perhaps account for a lion’s share of those numbers.

You injury is more than a statistic

One of our recent articles included a discussion of recent OSHA rule changes. Sometimes, what seems like a relatively innocuous administrative change in a federal organization could result in significant changes in strategy for state personal injury attorneys. That is why, at Kampf, Schiavone and Associates, we make a point of keeping up with everything that could affect your case: California workers’ compensation case law, state statutory changes, U.S. workers’ laws and all of the changes within the relevant federal administrations. 

Small OSHA changes could have big consequences

Every injury is unique, with costs that go far beyond the economic burden of lost work and medical expenses. While the pain and suffering of accident survivors are significant and deserve compensation, the economic losses are considerable in and of themselves. 

Can a brain injury affect personality?

A brain injury is always serious. Even a mild injury can cause side effects and problems for you. Your doctor in California will likely require monitoring and follow up visits to ensure your brain heals properly. While the physical damage is easy to see and monitor for your doctor, there are other possible issues that could arise that are a little more difficult to deal with, for you and your doctor. One of those is changes to your personality.

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