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What are some financial effects of workplace injuries?

Millions of Americans head to work every day and many do not expect to suffer an on-the-job injury. Unfortunately, workers' injuries occur too frequently and present serious physical, emotional and financial consequences for people in San Bernardino, California, and throughout the United States. While many people are aware of the physical consequences of a workplace accident, such as a neck injury or a brain injury, it is also important for employers and employees to understand the financial impact of these accidents and look for ways to reduce the likelihood of an employee being hurt.

Helping people who are counting on workers' comp

Employees are hurt at work on a daily basis and for some of them, recovering from their injuries can be significantly difficult for a myriad of reasons. Not only do injured workers often experience debilitating physical pain, but some are no longer able to work and suffer financial difficulties due to lost wages and medical expenses. In San Bernardino, California, a workplace injury accident can have serious ramifications and if you are going through this, it is vital to appropriately address the situation right away. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we are committed to helping people who were injured at work understand their legal options and secure workers' compensation benefits they are entitled to by filing their claim correctly.

Supporting those who lost a loved one in a negligent accident

Every year, an unacceptable number of Americans pass away in accidents that never should have occurred. When a negligent party is responsible for the wrongful death of another, it is imperative for them to be held accountable. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we strive to provide solutions to our clients who are dealing with a wrongful death. In San Bernardino, and anywhere else in California, people who lose a loved one because of another's negligence need to make sure that those responsible for causing the accident are held accountable.

A closer look at repetitive strain injuries

From an on-the-job injury caused by a construction site fall to a workplace accident resulting from the negligence of another, there are many reasons why people suffer workers' injuries. For many Americans, repetitive strain injuries can result in debilitating pain that prevents them from working. In San Bernardino, California, workers who suffer these injuries may experience significant physical suffering and financial problems due to lost wages and medical expenses. Unfortunately, these types of injuries will continue to occur throughout the country and it is vital for injured workers to address their set of circumstances properly.

Determining if poor care led to your post-op infection

Here at Kampf, Schiavone, & Associates, we’ve assisted several San Bernardino residents who’ve suffered complications following surgical procedures. If your post-operative problem happens to be an infection, you may need to determine whether or not it was acquired during your hospital stay. According to information gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and shared by Reuters, 4 percent of all patients will end up with a hospital-acquired infection. If you’re infection was due to the negligence of hospital staff, you may have a case to pursue compensation.

Managers charged in construction site collapse that killed worker

Given their frequent use of complex equipment and heavy machinery, constructions workers in San Bernardino and throughout the rest of the U.S. are often at an increased risk for workplace accidents. State and federal guidelines are in place to help guarantee employee safety. However, when crews get behind and deadlines need to be met, often construction managers and crews will ignore safe practices to try and make up for lost time. Unfortunately, this increases the risks of accidents even more, and if and when they finally do happen, the results can be catastrophic.

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