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Injured workers in California have rights that must be protected. Their employers, and those employers’ insurers, should take seriously any workplace accident that costs an employee wages, future earnings, health care expenses and often the need for vocational rehabilitation.

Representing workers with serious on-the-job injuries in San Bernardino and the Inland Empire since 1985, we are the skilled workers’ compensation lawyers of Kampf, Schiavone & Associates.

Our premier personal injury attorneys’ decades of combined experience and more than $250 million won for past clients are proof that we can help you if a work site accident injury has sidelined you from your job.

At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we thoroughly investigate work accidents and a wide variety of workplace injuries, and negotiate and litigate with equal proficiency to safeguard your interests. You should not have to fear for your job, your ability to provide for your family or your future because you were injured during work hours at an office, hospital, factory, warehouse or construction site.

Our state’s workers’ compensation laws were enacted to protect employees and employers when workers are injured on the job – providing guaranteed coverage for an injured employee’s medical care and, in many cases, guaranteed compensation during and after recovery. Employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, or qualify for self-insurance to cover worker injuries, including benefits for lost earnings during recovery from an injury, medical expense reimbursement and compensation for any permanent impairment or disability.

When a dispute arises over your eligibility or appropriate level of compensation, medical benefits or disability benefits, our dedicated attorneys work hard to ensure that you receive fair payment and medical care for what happened to you. Likewise, if your accident injury can be attributed to someone other than, or in addition to, your employer, Kampf, Schiavone & Associates can help with your third-party claim.

Thanks to the contingency fee basis for our work, you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by contacting us. Your initial consultation with our San Bernardino workers’ compensation attorney can be conducted at your home or hospital room if your injury prevents travel. Our 24-hour toll-free number is 800-658-6851. We welcome your email message. Se habla español.