I lost my mother due to medical malpractice. I had never gone through anything like this and randy made this experience as painless and seamless as possible. Thank you so much randy for all that you did for my family and I. If you’ve been wronged and are looking for legal help randy is the one to go to.

Alissa J.

Randy Schiavone is an amazing attorney! He’s smart and aggressive! He never gives up on you and will get you justice! I love having randy as my lawyer and would never hire anyone but him. His team is really friendly too!

Curtis J.

Our attorneys were attentive to our needs and helped guide us. Angelique always returned our calls and showed a genuine concern for our best interests.

I would highly recommend this law office to anyone who experiences personal injury.

Special thank you to Angelique.

Steve S.

Law office of Kampf Schiavone and Associates is great they handle my case very well I had a great experience with mr.schiavone and associates and he is a excellent attorney and they were very professional and prompt getting things done would highly recommended mr.schiavone and associates if you need a excellent law firm this is the one thank you mr.schiavone and associates

Ricko M.

As I struggled to make sense of my husband’s sudden sickness and death I stumble upon Randy Schiavone and Assoc. law firm. They listen to me with compassion and understanding and brought this cardiologist to justice. Best lawyers u can find. Thank you Randy and all the wonderful staff that put their knowledge to work on this case.

Minedi P.

I hired this law firm to handle a medical malpractice case for me. I live Minnesota and I hired them over the telephone. The case was in Riverside California. Mr. Schiavone was incredible; he handled the case and kept me informed on what was going to happen next. Mr. Schiavone flew out here to Minneapolis Minnesota, when the defense wanted to do a deposition on me. He instructed me to what is going to happen. I had problems with 3 of my siblings while I was pursuing this case and Mr. Schiavone handled them properly. I cannot say enough good things about how my case was handled. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case. I would recommend this law firm. Mr. Schiavone is so professional and he really cares about his clients.

Tom Y.

Dear Ms. Janet Cervantes,

I would like to thank you again for your help with my case. The results were great and I appreciate your candor and honesty with my situation. I am pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case. I will gladly recommend your services to any of my friends or family that may ever need it. Thank you again for your help.

I would also like to thank Mr. W. Roger Kampf, and the whole crew.

Nayliat A.

Thank you Janet Cervantes, you and your office has been good to me. Just a few words of thank you. This office need more people like you, you are a blessing. You went beyond the call. Thank you so much I can’t say it enough.

Thank you.
Charlean W.

Mr. Schiavone and Ms. Mangaser were our attorneys for a medical malpractice case for my late grandmother. They were professional and timely from the very start. A lot of lawyers wouldn’t take our case, but they saw that we needed justice and took on our case. We are so thankful that they did. Mr. Schiavone and Ms. Mangaser showed confidence when we weren’t confident ourselves. Their positive attitude and work ethic reassured us every step of the way. Thank you both and the rest of the team!!!!!


I have had to wait a long time to write this to you all because I always start to cry (like now, so I am just going to plow ahead and hope I can see the words I write).

I feel like I am losing some really good friends that I have known forever (it seems like forever, 13 years).

Mr. Kampf (Roger :), I feel as though you have always been there for me and have always looked out for my best interests. It is amazing that you have stuck with me for so long, without getting a penny (I am sorry it took so long), and I will always remember you for your kindness, your protection of me and never giving up on me even thru all the ups and downs over the years. I hope that it will be alright for me to write to you occasionally when I am stuck over a particular legal thing, but I realize I am on my own basically now, so I will try not to overdue it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Amy: I don’t know how I would have survived the worker’s comp journey without you. You were always there for me and I will always remember you fondly and gratefully. Your adopted “mom”.

Janet: I feel as though I know you even though I have never met you. You have always encouraged me to keep going and were so thoughtful and kind during my recent error in judgement. I hope to meet you some day. The best to you always.
Cathy: you were my first litigation assistant I think before you were promoted. You were so kind to give me your cell phone so that I could call you when I needed to reach someone who would help me. Thank you so much and I hope the remaining years are kind to you.

I apologize if I have forgotten anybody. I hope not. Thank you so much for giving so much of yourselves to me and so much time and effort. Who would have guessed when I opened the phone book to the yellow pages and saw your ad that I would have such a special group of people looking after me.

I will always remember all of you so fondly and I am very grateful for everything you all have done for me. Thank you.

Jody C.

I had a case of negligence and I got a chance to know this company. They are amazing and I recommend them to anyone who needs help in such cases and a lot more. I lost hope but they didn’t, we won the case and its now been 5 years and they are still with me! They were on the case and with me every step of the way. I trust them and I recommend them to anyone.

Barbara O.

I had a great experience with the Lawyers and their assistant Edith. I would call her with questions I wasn’t quite clear on and she would be able to answer with great concerns. This firm also help get me the therapy I needed on my back and neck. I’m very pleased and would recommend this firm again. Thank you Kampf Schiavone and Associates.

Rosie T.

Great firm, expert guidance, A+ in my book! Hurt at work, big settlement and back working. Very pleased.

Cathy S.

I cannot express enough gratitude to this firm for all the help they provided during one of the most difficult times of our lives. Very professional at all times, handled our case with dignity , yet were very compassionate and concerned about all we were going through .We were also kept well informed at every single step. Nelson Aderson was especially very kind and helpful, and answered all my questions, and ALWAYS ALWAYS returned every call promptly. I would highly recommend this outstanding firm to anyone who is need of expertise representation for any kind of legal matter. They are the best!

Chiarina C.

Just want to say thank you for all this long time,they were moments difficult in my life that with the help of the lawyers we find the way.thank you for everything I recommend.

Arturo O.

they handled my work comp case going back to 2003 and just recently settled it. Very pleased with the results, it was a tuff road, and long one, but they were always there when I needed them.

Mr. Kampf and Cathy in the work comp department were wonderful. Mr. Kampf got me what he said he would and I am very happy and now do not have to worry about bills or the carrier authorizing things as it’s all in my settlement. Yeah KSA!

Tammy Hubbard, Very Happy former client in San Bernardino

This firm handled my case and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Mr. Kampf personally got involved and he is wonderful. Very professional staff and they were also there when I needed help and they still are.

My experience with this firm was superb and got lucky when I was referred to them as you may know there are a lot of law firms out there.

From the very beginning of my case they guided me all the way to settling the case. The office girls are very friendly and they really care. You can tell by their interest and their earnestness to help me with my affairs during a rough time in my life.

Kampf Schiavone did get me on the road to recovery.


Robert G., Very happy client

Everyone that helped me with my case was very courteous, helpful, and understanding. The service they provided me was outstanding. They cared about my well being going through everything and made things very convenient for me. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ardie M.

Randy Scored for me!

Thank you Randy, because of your efforts and the efficient people who work with you I don’t feel so helpless now.

My leg was cut off below the knee due to someone’s mistake. Randy made it possible for me to not feel useless. I have other health issues but now I can help take care of my Mom, who has been taking care of me. Because of Randy’s and his team hard efforts I have my life back. You get 5 stars from me and my family. I have already recommended Randy to others.

September 2015

I want to give thanks too roger kampf & his associates for all their hard work over these years & patience with me, because this case has took many of these years away from me to get where I am now, if it weren’t for these hard working attorneys & their staff, i couldn’t be here today, plus I would too give Cathy Wetzol a BIG THANK YOU, for dealing with me in my ups & mostly downs, at I thought this would never end but Cathy pulled me through this case…

Thank you
I am doing great.

Kampf Schiavone is an amazing firm. they took care of every detail and every need that I had, while I was waiting for my judgement to come in. Occasionally I have needed them after my judgement was settled and even years later they serve me just as if I am still a client.

While still keeping the utmost professionalism between client and lawyer. I could not be more satisfied with my settlement and have recommended them time and again and certainly will continue to recommend them and follow their advice. A rarity amongst business, after so many you turns with other professional types and firms in San Bernardino

Sincerely – William M


Hello Mr. Kampf,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff. You guys ROCK! Every time I went into your office everyone there made me feel so good! I felt like family. Mr. Kampf, you and Cathy are very impressive.Both of you went out of your way to see that all my needs were taken care of. I’m so grateful that you took my case because it wasn’t an easy one. I feel you went above and beyond your title as a lawyer and friend. This firm ROCK! I LOVE YOU GUYS & MISS YOU. Thank you for a job well done.

Thanks again! T.H.

Personal Injury Department

PI Dept.: Randy Schiavone

This is just to say thank you for all, you and your staff did for me. Job well done and I would highly recommend you. Helen Y.

PI Dept.: Randy Schiavone

When my legs were amputated do to an error of a Physician’s mistakes I thought my life as I knew was over. I decided that I was going to move forward stay strong despite my disabilities that were created by the Physician’s errors. Then when I contacted your office and you took on my case I had a very good feeling about it. Your office worked very hard and it took time but with an excellent outcome, you’ve changed my life. I would still rather have my legs. With your professional work and the great settlement you got me, it will change my life forever. Thank you and your office staff. Frank R.

Update: I just wanted to update you and Mr. Schiavone, I got a new pair of Prosthetics they are top of the line made of Carbon Fiber and very lite. The ankles flex a little I am learning to walk all over again with them. I just wanted to thank you all for the great work you did for me. You’ve all changed the quality of my life. Frank R.

PI Dept.: Randy Schiavone

You Guys are truly the best of the best. It was a long hard battle. Three (3) plus years. Up and down but you came thru with the light at the end of the tunnel. Phyllis and I have been able to get our lives back on track, thanks again; you’re the finest kind of law group. Phyllis & Robert Y.

Workers’ Compensation Department

WC Dept. : Roger Kampf

Alicia, I had to take a minute of your time to “thank you” for all you have done for me, as well as meant to me. I will be “Grateful” to you until the moment I take my last breath, and am laid to rest. “God Bless” Kampf and Schiavone.

It was an “Honor” to meet Mr. Kampf. … that man exudes “Class” and he was very kind to me. I appreciated that Alicia. It meant a lot. Brad

WC Dept.: Roger Kampf

Thanks so much Cathy and Gloria. Your office is great and will if need be, recommend you to others looking for a good legal office. Have a wonderful Christmas and great New Year… I do not know what anyone could accomplish without good legal representations. Thanks so much. Obra C.

WC Dept. Roger Kampf

Hi Gloria Thank you for everything you do. We/I appreciate it very much have a great week. Michael A. &Family

WC Dept: Roger Kampf

Job well done! I will like to thank you all and all the associates from KSA for a job well done. This past year, especially during my illness. I really thank God for your help & may the Lord Bless and yours. Thank you! Constancia J.

WC Dept.: Roger Kampf

Your firm represented me, Ramona and Alicia, in a workers comp case. Both of these women did an outstanding job for me when I call with a problem Ramona always had a solution and a great sense of humor. Really enjoyed working with her Alicia did an excellent job at representing me and very pleasant and got me more than I thought I was ever going to get very smart and on the ball lady. These two are a credit to your firm. They made this as painless as possible, if ever have to call for these two services your firm will be first on my list. Robert P.

WC Dept.: Roger Kampf

Thank you for all your hard work. Please contact me re: the ins. Advance I have requested. Once again, thank you. Evette L.

WC Dept: Roger Kampf

I just wanted to say thank you for the great way you handled my case from start to finish. The doctors you referred me to did great jobs of fixing my injuries. Stuart was a pleasure to work with. He always gave it to me straight and fought hard to get me a really nice settlement. Any problems I had were handled quickly and smoothly. I don’t normally give high praise to anyone, but I have to say your firm is top notch! Craig S.

WC Dept.: Roger Kampf

I’d like to express my sincere thanks for you representing me in my case vs. Castaways. Your diligence prevailed in the pursuit of Justice. You’ve been so kind and informative when I needed questions answered. I wish your office all the best. Once again, many thanks to the Staff at KSA. James S.

WC Dept.: Roger Kampf

I like to thank KSA for all their help. But most of all I like to give a big thanks to Ramona. It was a long 8 years. But for every time I needed medical attention she was there. To have an employee as hard working as Ramona, KSA is blessed. I want to thank Ramona for putting up with me all those years. God bless you. Angel F.