Amputation Injury Attorneys

When a workplace accident results in the loss of a limb, the victim should enlist an experienced attorney to ensure that he or she gets fully compensated for the life-changing injury.

At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we handle all types of workplace injuries, including catastrophic work injuries such as amputations. We have more than 150 years of combined experience handling workers’ compensation cases for people in San Bernardino and throughout California’s Inland Empire. We are ready to help you.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Loss Of Limb

Our lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Arm loss
  • Hand loss
  • Finger loss
  • Leg loss
  • Foot loss
  • Toe loss

These injuries are often the result of machine accidents. A limb is caught in or under a piece of heavy equipment. The victim suffers a crush injury. Doctors try to repair the damage, but ultimately the only option may be amputation of the limb. As a result, the injured worker may never be able to do the same job again. Vocational training may be necessary for a new job. This needs to be taken into consideration when pursuing workers’ compensation.

Wage benefits and medical benefits are at the forefront of most workers’ compensation cases. However, in amputation injury cases, specific loss benefits may also be available to compensate for what is likely a permanent disability. This may involve a lump-sum payment, rather than a weekly payment. Our goal is to make certain that you get the full payment you are entitled to for the loss of a body part.

Initial Consultation

Email us or call our 24-hour toll-free number — 800-658-6851. Home and hospital room visits are available to those whose injuries prevent travel. We handle all amputation injury cases on a contingency basis. Se habla español.