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Does OSHA really keep work sites safe?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was designed to help keep workplaces safe. You probably have had some OSHA training regardless of where you work in California because OSHA oversees all types of workplaces. You may wonder, though, just how effective this agency really is at preventing accidents and keeping people safe at work.

Screening method detects mild TBI

People who suffer from severe brain injuries may experience serious symptoms, such as seizures, sensory deficiencies and memory loss. Studies show, however, that people who have mild to moderate brain trauma may also experience long-lasting damage. Diffusion Tensor Imaging helps physicians detect mild to moderate brain damage by showing the structure of the brain’s white matter. In a healthy brain, the white matter is very structured, but when damage has occurred, the DTI shows a change in brightness in the white matter. Physicians are then able to find the exact location of the brain trauma and create a treatment plan and therapy targeting that area of the brain.

Worker fatally injured by iron beam

When workers arrive at the construction site, they put their lives in the hands of everyone who is working alongside them. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries when it comes to getting injured or killed while on the job. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 4,593 people were fatally injured while working in 2016. Of these deadly injuries, 991 or just over 21% were on construction sites. The most common hazards include falling, electrocution, being caught in-between objects and being hit by a falling object.

Returning to work after suffering a brain injury

Millions of people suffer from brain injuries every year in the United States. Whether they have been involved in an auto collision or were injured in a workplace accident, people may find it difficult to return to work and engage in daily life activities after suffering from a brain injury. The side effects of a brain injury may vary depending on the severity and which area of the brain was injured. Brain injuries can make it difficult to concentrate, plan, organize tasks and remember critical skills. Not to mention, injuries may affect a person’s sensory abilities, such as vision and hearing. Injuries can also cause physical deficiencies, including muscle weakness, dizziness and headaches.

Hospital sued for clinicians failing to call a Code Blue

Should one step into any hospital or medical center in San Bernardino, they will encounter a fast-paced, interconnected network of employees working in several areas performing different functions, all to ensure that the appropriate care is delivered to a single patient. From the registrar that checks a patient in to the clinician reviewing said patient's chart prior to discharge, every employee involved plays a critical role (even those in non-clinical functions). The failure of a single link in this caregiving chain can produce devastating results for a patient. 

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