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Southwest faces wrongful death suit in California

An airplane may strike many people as a relatively safe place. There are certain security measures in place during every flight to ensure the safety of everyone onboard. In addition, there are flight attendants available if a passenger is uncomfortable or has a problem. However, last month tragedy struck when a passenger died while on board a Southwest Airlines flight flying over California. His widow has filed a wrongful death suit in response to the activities that occurred that day.

If you believe you are entitled to workers' comp, apply

Consider that you have worked nearly your entire life for a company day in and day out for the last 25 years. One day you wake up and realize that you don't feel like yourself. After a week or so of the funny feeling you decided to visit you doctor. This is when you receive the news that you have a debilitating disease that your doctor suggests may be the result of your occupation and daily work duties.

How is failure to diagnose considered medical malpractice?

While there are many ways that a doctor can err when treating a patient, a failure to diagnose is among the most serious. When people in San Bernardino think of medical malpractice, they might think of an error in surgery or a doctor writing inappropriate prescriptions. However, a diagnosis error can come with equally dire consequences.

Cerebral palsy and lifelong injuries sustained during birth

With access to medical care today, many think giving birth is easy and painless. Many mothers know that this is not the case. The reality is that giving birth is a serious situation and requires the utmost in medical care and expertise. Not all births go according to plan. This can lead to birth injuries for the baby that can affect the rest of their life.

Brain injury is a long-term injury write-off on federal taxes

A personal injury is nothing to seek out or to be happy about. But if there are ways for people to recoup some of their losses that have been experienced in 2014, they should take advantage of those opportunities. What opportunities could there possibly be for someone affected by a long-term injury such as a brain injury? Federal taxes allows write offs for medical expenses related to long-term care.

California civilian killed at site of a construction area

Even if intentions are not ill-willed, accidents can still occur. This appears to be the case for a California woman who was recently killed. The shocking and sudden accident occurred at the scene of a workplace site - however, this woman was a civilian. Sadly enough, she lost her life suddenly at the scene of this construction site.

What elements are needed to prove a wrongful death case?

When wrongful death is the subject of conversation, it can bring about strong feelings of sadness, anger or confusion. If a loved one has been the victim of what you consider to be a wrongful death case, there are often many questions surrounding the circumstances and the legal process to follow.

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