Even if intentions are not ill-willed, accidents can still occur. This appears to be the case for a California woman who was recently killed. The shocking and sudden accident occurred at the scene of a workplace site – however, this woman was a civilian. Sadly enough, she lost her life suddenly at the scene of this construction site.

According to reports, the woman was asked to move her car out of the way of construction work. Somehow, a truck of gravel ended up landing on top of the car while the woman was inside, which caused her death. Her grieving fiancé is calling this a ‘totally avoidable’ accident. In a sad twist, the mother of one was also pregnant with her second child at the time of the accident.

An investigation is on-going in order to determine what caused the accident that took this Californian’s life. The investigation is being conducted by Martinez authorities and Cal/OSHA, who regulates the state’s workplace safety. Although the exact circumstances of the accident are unclear, something unusual must have occurred in order to quickly claim the life of a civilian. Family members may seek reparations for the wrongful death of their wife, mother, daughter and friend.

There may be additional criminal penalties assigned if it is found that the workplace or workers are at fault for the accident. Although stories like this are tragic, it is a reminder for all to take care in construction zones. Construction zones have one of the highest accident and fatality rates of all work industries. As the investigation releases its findings, it will become clearer what caused the accident that claimed the woman’s life.

Source: sfgate.com, “Martinez woman crushed by gravel truck was pregnant,” Hamed Aleaziz and Kurtis Alexander, March 24, 2015