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We proudly represent workplace injury sufferers

Our last blog post discussed back injuries in the medical profession and how they can be avoided. Though certain preventative steps can be taken to prevent workplace injuries in any profession, the unfortunate reality is that workers can be harmed even if they do everything they can to keep themselves safe. Repetitive motions, lifting heavy objects and working with heavy machinery can all place an individual at risk of harm. When you suffer a workplace injury, you could be left not only in physical pain, but you might also experience significant financial loss.

How to practice safe handling as a nursing assistant

In a recent post, we discussed how common musculoskeletal injuries are for nursing assistants and orderlies. Even if your medical clinic does not offer the best in safety equipment or safety techniques, there are ways to prevent yourself from suffering a back injury at work. The Center for Disease Control has addressed the safety concerns facing nurses and orderlies on their website. They have a few tips on how to avoid such workplace injuries.

Workplace injuries a reality for nursing assistants and orderlies

Oftentimes, hospitals and clinics are thought of a place where personal injury or negligence occurs to the people being treated. However, many fail to think of the fact that these medical facilities are also a workplace for the doctors, nurses and orderlies that attend to patients. Workplace injuries can occur quite easily due to dangerous medical equipment and possible emergency situations. A recent study has been released concerning the frequency of workplace injuries for nursing assistants and orderlies.

Physician-patient privilege and medical malpractice

When a patient treated by an attending physician unexpectedly dies, the deceased person's loved ones usually have many questions. How did this happen? What caused my loved one's unexpected death? People in this position may even scour medical records looking for answers. This is where some people investigating an unexpected death run into a road block, so to speak.

What are California chemical workplace injuries?

When California residents think about chemicals, they often think of scientists in a laboratory, but the reality is that chemicals exist in everyday items and in workplace situations. It is a good idea to get familiar with some commonly used chemicals and understand how misuse could potentially harm you or cause injury. These tips should also be readily available at your place of work. However, let's examine some common workplace injuries caused by chemicals.

Do not be discouraged if your California SSD claim was denied

The reality is that the majority of claims for California Social Security Disability are denied. There could be several different reasons why a claim may be denied, for example -- being injured at work. However, this rejection does not mean that you are not entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD). You will need to strategize and counter this rejection by the Social Security Administration in order to attempt to receive the benefits you deserve. Read on to see why a person who has been denied SSD benefits can still recover these in the future.

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