Our last blog post discussed back injuries in the medical profession and how they can be avoided. Though certain preventative steps can be taken to prevent workplace injuries in any profession, the unfortunate reality is that workers can be harmed even if they do everything they can to keep themselves safe. Repetitive motions, lifting heavy objects and working with heavy machinery can all place an individual at risk of harm. When you suffer a workplace injury, you could be left not only in physical pain, but you might also experience significant financial loss.

Medical expenses, including rehabilitation costs and lost wages can really take a toll on you and your family. You may be unable to afford adequate medical care and the accumulating bills may leave you struggling to make ends meet. To avoid this from happening to you, you may want to consider discovering if you have legal recourse and, if so, how best to act. An experienced San Bernardino attorney may be able to help.

Compassionate and competent attorneys, like those at Kampf Schiavone & Associates, stand ready to help those who have been hurt in the workplace. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available to these individuals, but putting forth strong legal arguments is key to recovery. Our firm prides itself on its ability to represent its clients’ best interests and, though we cannot guarantee financial recovery, we do everything in our power to ensure our clients’ have an opportunity to have their story heard.

Though many workers’ compensation claims are initially denied, the matter does not necessarily have to end there. Instead, injured workers can appeal the denial and fight for the compensation they deserve. Hopefully, then, they will be able to reach a fair resolution that provides them with the financial stability they need.