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The consequences of a medical professional’s failure to diagnose

Various forms of medical malpractice have been examined on this blog, including surgical mistakes, medication errors and misdiagnosis. However, failure to diagnose is another serious problem that you or someone close to you may encounter. If you are struggling with the repercussions associated with a medical professional’s failure to diagnose your condition, you need to assess your options instantly. The San Bernardino lawyers of Kampf, Schiavone & Associates know the multitude of troubles that victims of this major problem often face in California and across the whole country.

5 things nurses must remember about on-the-job injuries

Nursing is a rewarding occupation, but it is also a very demanding job. Nurses must be careful when they work because they can face significant injuries if they move incorrectly or don’t use proper techniques. When a nurse suffers an injury, he or she might have to take off work while the injury heals. This can place a financial burden on the nurse and the family members who count on him or her for support.

Can alcohol intoxication stop me from getting workers’ comp?

When on-the-job accidents take place, workers who sustain injuries may have their lives change in many ways. If you were hurt in any type of jobsite accident, whether the injury occurred in an office or a construction zone, you should instantly examine your options and any tools that may help you recover. If you live in San Bernardino, you should familiarize yourself with workers’ comp laws in California and understand how certain details, such as alcohol intoxication, could affect your case.

California man dies in accident on farm

From white collar jobs to construction sites and agricultural work, all employers have a responsibility to ensure that all steps have been taken to protect worker safety. While some workplace accidents would have been impossible to see coming, others take place as a result of unaddressed dangers in the workplace, carelessness and negligence. In San Bernardino, and in all other cities throughout California, some of these accidents can even prove fatal.

Why do adverse events take place?

If you will soon undergo a medical procedure or have a loved one who is going to spend time in the hospital for any reason, you may have a variety of worries. For example, you could be concerned about the long-term outlook of a particular health condition or the financial cost of medical treatment. Unfortunately, In San Bernardino, and other sections of California, adverse events occur at an unacceptable rate and sometimes leave patients with serious health problems or even claim lives. It may be helpful to understand why these events occur, especially if you are worried about medical professional negligence.

Long-term disability care: the real costs

When you think of long-term disability care in California, you most likely think of the monetary costs for doctor’s visits, surgeries, nursing facilities, prescription medication and medical assistance. While these can be hefty and cost several thousand dollars each year, we at Kampf Schiavone and Associates know that there are other costs that are not often mentioned and cannot be factored with a calculator.

A glance at nursing home abuse statistics

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, the elderly population in the United States is projected to grow at a notable rate. Sadly, as there are more elderly people in San Bernardino, and cities in other parts of California, more instances of nursing home abuse are likely to arise.

Why do diagnostic errors occur?

Even with advances in medicine and technology, medical malpractice happens on a regular basis. In San Bernardino, California, and throughout U.S. hospitals, patients may be prescribed the wrong medicine or become victim to a surgical error. Moreover, many experience a diagnostic error, such as misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. If you are anticipating medical treatment or believe that you have experienced a diagnostic error firsthand, it may be helpful for you to understand why these mistakes take place.

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