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Employers and workers' comp insurance

Whether you work for a small business or a large firm, there are a number of hurdles you may have to overcome. For example, you may decide to take legal action against your employer over allegations of discrimination or you may find yourself in the middle of a contract dispute. However, if you are facing problems because of a work injury, the consequences can be particularly damaging. In San Bernardino, and other cities around California, these charges can lead to significant financial penalties that may spell disaster for you. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we understand the high level of stress that workers in this position often struggle with.

Recovering from a commercial vehicle crash

If you operate a commercial vehicle, you likely face a myriad of threats every time you perform your job responsibilities. In San Bernardino, California, roads can be dangerous and you may find yourself in the middle of an accident that causes serious injuries or even results in the loss of life. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we understand the importance of taking advantage of all resources when trying to recover from one of these accidents.

Construction accident claims man's life in California

From electrocution to scaffolding falls, construction workers are hurt and killed in different ways. However, many construction site accidents in San Bernardino involve a worker being caught in-between equipment. Tragically, these types of accidents have claimed many lives in California and have also left workers with injuries that prevent them from working.

Taxi drivers and workplace accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for taxi drivers is expected to increase over the next several years at a quicker rate than most professions. Furthermore, with the increasing prevalence of vehicles for hire, even more people will find work in this field. In San Bernardino, and the entire state of California, people who work in this industry also face a number of serious risks at work. Sadly, workplace accidents involving taxi drivers may claim lives and lead to debilitating injuries.

Understanding the cost of occupational injuries

Every day, workers suffer a number of injuries in California. For example, a construction worker may fall off of a roof in San Bernardino, while someone on the other side of the state may suffer an injury while they are driving a company vehicle. When workplace injuries occur, they often carry a significant financial toll for injured workers, their families and even employers. As a result, it is essential for companies and workers alike to make prevention a priority.

The basics of brain injury

Brain injury can be a confusing topic for most people in California, whether the questions concern how the trauma happened or what recovery is like. The truth is that brain injuries can happen in many different ways and can cause a variety of problems. reports that 52,000 people die of brain injury every year in the United States, and another 275,000 are hospitalized.

How many truckers are hurt or killed while working?

In a recent post, the topic of workplace accidents involving large truck drivers was addressed. However, it is important to understand how widespread these accidents are in comparison to other industries in San Bernardino, California, and throughout the country, especially if you drive a large truck or have a family member who drives a semi.

What should you do if your child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy?

During pregnancy, parents hope and dream of giving birth to and raising a healthy, loving child. For some parents, unfortunately, although they have done everything they should have during the pregnancy and labor process, their child sustains serious injuries during the birth process. Conditions like cerebral palsy are sometimes caused by negligence or malpractice on the part of the medical attendants present during pregnancy and birth.

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