One of our recent articles included a discussion of recent OSHA rule changes. Sometimes, what seems like a relatively innocuous administrative change in a federal organization could result in significant changes in strategy for state personal injury attorneys. That is why, at Kampf, Schiavone and Associates, we make a point of keeping up with everything that could affect your case: California workers’ compensation case law, state statutory changes, U.S. workers’ laws and all of the changes within the relevant federal administrations. 

Your case matters to us — as does the safety of all workers in this state and beyond. We believe that our role as workers’ representatives is to keep the system as honest as possible. We do this by standing up to big employers, insurance companies and even the federal government if necessary.

If you are at the point when you are ready to take legal action on your workers’ compensation claim, we realize that you are probably under a great deal of pressure. The injury itself, the failure of the system to protect your rights and the time you have lost from work: These are all potent stressors.

We want you to know that, at our law office, we take each case seriously. To OSHA, your injury may now be relegated to a line item in an annual report. To us, it is a life-changing event for which you deserve proper compensation and compassion.

It would be ideal if the federal government were on your side. We work every day, championing workers’ rights, with the hope that we can create a society in which you have that kind of support. We hope that someday, perhaps due in small part to our efforts, worker safety will be taken seriously throughout California — and throughout the nation. Please read on for more information at our legal site.