Residents in Washington State know that their region has experienced significant growth in the last several years. This has led to a boom in the amount of construction happening in order to support expanding business and a growing population base. While there are many positive elements to this reality, there are also serious risks that are experienced by people when they live and work around a virtual construction zone. 

This risk came to be realized in a tragic accident recently when four people died after being crushed by a collapsing crane in Seattle. As reported by CNN, once the work requiring a crane has been completed, it can take up to three days to completely take the crane apart. There is supposed to be a very detailed approach to doing this with each step only being taken when it is appropriate in order to follow safety standards.

In the case of the recent accident, it appears upon initial investigation that the right steps were not followed and some work was done prematurely. This enabled some pins to be removed before they should have, destabilizing the crane and allowing it to come toppling down.

Multiple entities are involved in the formal and detailed investigation into the matter before a final determination is made. In the process, the families of those killed and injured must find ways to cope with their losses and injuries. It may be helpful for them to talk to an attorney to learn how they may seek compensation for their losses.