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How many work injuries occur in the public sector?

From construction site accidents to mishaps that occur in office spaces, this blog has covered many of the different types of workplace accidents that leave employees with injuries. While these accidents occur far too often in the private sector, it is also important to understand how many public sector workers are hurt in California, and other parts of the U.S., every year.

Knee injuries at work could end your career

When it comes to workplace injuries, some people view damaged joints as a minor concern. Compared with fatalities, lost limbs and spinal or head injuries, a knee injury may not seem severe. However, knee injuries can be debilitating. They can be painful. You can lose strength, the ability to stand and lift and your range of motion as well.

Work-related injuries and semi truck drivers

According to information which was published by the U.S. Department of Labor, those who drive tractor-trailers and heavy trucks suffer more non-fatal illnesses and injuries which force them to spend time away from work when compared to every other profession. In fact, more than 55,000 large truck drivers found themselves in this position during 2014 alone. In San Bernardino, and on roads all over California, it is essential for those who drive semi trucks to realize how widespread injuries are in their occupation and focus on staying safe at work.

Understanding the cost of occupational injuries

Every day, workers suffer a number of injuries in California. For example, a construction worker may fall off of a roof in San Bernardino, while someone on the other side of the state may suffer an injury while they are driving a company vehicle. When workplace injuries occur, they often carry a significant financial toll for injured workers, their families and even employers. As a result, it is essential for companies and workers alike to make prevention a priority.

Hearing loss a major problem for workers

When people think of work-related injuries, they may picture ladder falls and other incidents which have consequences that are immediately visible. However, there all sorts of injuries that happen over time and often take years to recognize, such as repetitive strain injuries and hearing loss. In San Bernardino, California, these injuries may also present a number of hardships that upend a worker's life. For example, someone who has suffered hearing damage may have difficulty performing their job responsibilities and their quality of life may decline.

Man hurt while working at bus station

Many people are aware of work injuries involving dangerous machinery and other jobsite hazards. However, it is important to keep in mind that jobsite accidents in San Bernardino and other cities in California can take all sorts of forms. For example, people may be hit by a company vehicle, or involved in an unusual on-the-job incident. However, the consequences associated with such accidents can be just as severe. For example, victims of these accidents may struggle with an inability to pay for medical costs, forced to spend time away from work, experience significant pain or even lose their life.

California man hospitalized after work accident

While workers from all backgrounds face a wide variety of threats on the job, road workers and those employed in the construction industry should be especially cautious while they are at work. Sadly, some accidents are not preventable, whether they were caused by another person's poor judgment or reckless behavior. In San Bernardino, California, it is pivotal for those who have been hurt while working to try their best to move forward.

Worker suffers injury on the job

When workers are hurt, they may experience a variety of changes in life. For example, an injured employee may no longer be able to perform their job responsibilities or return to the position they held prior to the injury. In San Bernardino, California, workplace injuries can also make life complicated for the families of employees who suffer an injury. Sometimes, these injuries can cause a host of financial hardships (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) that make recovery even more of an uphill battle.

Company cited over employee's injury

From broken bones to back injuries and brain trauma, there are a wide variety of injuries that employees suffer. When a worker is hurt in San Bernardino, or any other city in California, it is crucial for them to carefully examine their situation and address the injury properly. A number of options are available for some injured workers, such as workers' compensation, which can help them recover from the accident.

Reaching out to workers who have injured their back

From ladder falls on construction sites to repetitive motions that eventually lead to an injury, the circumstances surrounding workplace injury cases vary. Regardless of the details pertaining to an injury, life can be very difficult for workers who have hurt their back. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we work hard to help clients in San Bernardino and other California cities who have injured their back on the job.

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