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What steps can employers take to avert on-the-job crashes?

Those involved in a vehicle accident that occurs on-the-job may face an uphill battle for different reasons. Whether they can no longer work, have unbearable pain, cannot afford medical costs, or are facing any other hardship, these crashes can be devastating. From lost productivity to the loss of life, workplace vehicle accidents can also be very costly for employers. As a result, it is important for employers to go over different strategies to lessen the likelihood of employees being involved in a traffic wreck.

Are workplace injuries more common in the summer?

Many of the blog posts we have posted have covered various risks that are present on construction sites and work environments in a variety of other fields. However, there are additional concerns that workers may have, especially if they are employed in certain lines of work. For example, a worker may be more likely to sustain an injury while working during the summer months in San Bernardino, and in other California locations.

When is an injury considered to be work-related?

With regard to injuries that occur at work, there are many different factors to consider. In San Bernardino, and across California, workers sustain a wide variety of injuries and illnesses while carrying out their job duties. If you have suffered an injury and are interested in workers’ compensation benefits, it is important to understand when injuries are considered work-related, since this is required in order to qualify for workers’ comp.

Are welding fumes dangerous?

We have gone over an array of dangers that workers in various fields face. However, some professions have certain unique hazards that may affect workers in San Bernardino, and in California’s other cities. For example, if you are a welder, you may want to familiarize yourself with the potential dangers associated with exposure to welding fumes.

How many work injuries occur in the public sector?

From construction site accidents to mishaps that occur in office spaces, this blog has covered many of the different types of workplace accidents that leave employees with injuries. While these accidents occur far too often in the private sector, it is also important to understand how many public sector workers are hurt in California, and other parts of the U.S., every year.

Knee injuries at work could end your career

When it comes to workplace injuries, some people view damaged joints as a minor concern. Compared with fatalities, lost limbs and spinal or head injuries, a knee injury may not seem severe. However, knee injuries can be debilitating. They can be painful. You can lose strength, the ability to stand and lift and your range of motion as well.

Work-related injuries and semi truck drivers

According to information which was published by the U.S. Department of Labor, those who drive tractor-trailers and heavy trucks suffer more non-fatal illnesses and injuries which force them to spend time away from work when compared to every other profession. In fact, more than 55,000 large truck drivers found themselves in this position during 2014 alone. In San Bernardino, and on roads all over California, it is essential for those who drive semi trucks to realize how widespread injuries are in their occupation and focus on staying safe at work.

Understanding the cost of occupational injuries

Every day, workers suffer a number of injuries in California. For example, a construction worker may fall off of a roof in San Bernardino, while someone on the other side of the state may suffer an injury while they are driving a company vehicle. When workplace injuries occur, they often carry a significant financial toll for injured workers, their families and even employers. As a result, it is essential for companies and workers alike to make prevention a priority.

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