A California medical malpractice case was settled this past week for $7.5 million. It was reported that a child suffered brain injury from oxygen deprivation while being delivered after the mother experienced a ruptured uterus.

It is alleged that the hospital failed to immediately diagnose the mother’s condition. When she was 39 weeks pregnant, she visited the University of Southern California Medical Center in Los Angeles due to abdominal pains. A resident at the medical center discharged her, but the mother then returned 12 hours later and had to undergo an emergency Cesarean section.

It is alleged by the mother’s attorney that she was never seen during her 14 hours of hospitalization by any of the attending obstetricians.  He further claimed that medical staff did not think that the pain that she was suffering was serious.  In the end, more than $300,000 was paid for medical expenses.  The child had been placed in a 24-hour care facility, but with the settlement the mother hopes that she will be able to bring the child home.

Medical malpractice cases are often difficult to prosecute because of time consumption and expense.  Experienced attorneys are generally needed in these kinds of cases who will have the knowledge and resources to take on doctors and large medical facilities.

Though the exact extent of the child’s current condition was not reported, a $7.5 million settlement indicates that the child’s injuries were likely significant.  Unfortunately, birth injuries are so significant that it can in some instances result in the need for lifetime care for the child.


Source: San Jose Mercury News, “LA County settles $7.5M medical malpractice suit,” Nov. 6, 2013