From a ladder fall to negligent operating of machinery, there are many reasons why workplace accidents take place. Sadly, these accidents can result in serious injuries that prevent workers from earning the income they depend on and even claim lives. In San Bernardino, California, it is imperative for those who have been injured in a workplace accident to understand their rights and identify the best path forward.

A company that produces tuna and two of the firm’s employees were recently charged over a fatal workplace accident that occurred in 2012. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, the company and its two employees willfully violated safety rules which were put in place to protect workers.

The District Attorney’s statement alleges that a 62-year-old man who had been working for the tuna company for six years died after his coworkers closed the door of an oven and turned it on while he was still inside. If convicted, the two employees could spend up to three years in prison and be fined $250,000, while the tuna company could be fined as much as $1.5 million.

When someone is involved in an accident on the job, they may have no idea of what to do next. To make matters worse, they may experience financial problems and stress in addition to painful physical injuries. Furthermore, when someone passes away in a work accident, their families may experience significant devastation as well. As a result, people who are going through this painful situation firsthand should make sure they take the right steps forward. For some, this may include speaking with an attorney and taking legal action.

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