From post-operative errors to wrong-site surgery, there are many types of medical mistakes. Sadly, far too many Americans have suffered serious injuries and even lost their life due to these dangerous medical mistakes, which continue to take place in San Bernardino and throughout California. These incidents can turn the lives of patients upside down and it is very important for anyone who has been injured due to a doctor error to immediately assess their situation and take action.

A 39-year-old doctor recently admitted to receiving illegal kickbacks in California. The doctor received the kickbacks in 2010 from a company that makes spinal implant devices. In court, the doctor confessed to using these devices in unnecessary surgical operations.

The doctor also pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud in Michigan, where he billed insurance companies for surgical operations which were never performed. According to officials, the doctor received $11 million from these insurance companies. The doctor is scheduled to return to court in September and faces as much as 20 years behind bars.

While medical mistakes take many forms, it is crucial for victims of negligence to hold their physician accountable. As if loss of life, injuries and a worsened medical condition aren’t difficult enough, medical malpractice can also result in costly medical expenses and cause serious emotional pain. As a result, victims of medical professional negligence should make sure they stand up for their rights as a patient. For some, this may include talking to an experienced attorney and taking legal action to receive compensation they deserve.

Source: The Detroit News, “Bloomfield Hills doctor in fraudulent spinal surgeries pleads guilty,” Candice Williams, May 22, 2015