According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time workers had to take time off work in 2013 due to non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses at a rate of 109.4 per 10,000. In San Bernardino, and across California, these injuries continue to take place far too often and can have a negative impact on the lives of workers in many ways. For example, an injured worker may experience physical, emotional and financial difficulties after an accident on the job. As a result, prevention is paramount and all workers and their employers should strive to make the workplace safer.

From a slip and fall accident to a trench collapse, falling debris or the negligent operation of machinery, there are many types of workplace accidents. While some types of workplace injuries will occur regardless of whether precautionary measures are taken, such as those caused by repetitive movements, others are preventable and it is important for those who are at risk to identify ways to increase safety.

The California Department of Industrial Relations published excellent information on their site which can help people prevent workplace accidents from taking place. For employers, there are numerous ways to protect employees, such as properly labeling containers that contain hazardous chemicals, using signage to warn workers of potential hazards, making sure workers are capable of using equipment appropriately, offering training and providing medical exams. Additionally, there are a variety of ways that employees can increase workplace safety. For example, workers can identify and review workplace hazards, document any dangerous situations, instantly report accidents and hazards and discuss any problems with co-workers and employers.