When a workplace injury occurs, a worker may experience all sorts of complications, such as lost wages and debilitating physical pain. As a result, it is very important for workers to identify ways to prevent workplace injuries from taking place and understand why these injuries keep occurring in San Bernardino, and across California. Furthermore, if you have been hurt in a workplace accident, you should be sure to explore all avenues on your path to recovery. For some, this may include securing workers’ compensation benefits or filing a lawsuit.

The California Department of Industrial Relations outlines a variety of strategies that can help people avoid being injured in a workplace accident. Whether you are a construction worker, office employee or employed in any other field, it is wise to pinpoint workplace hazards that can cause an injury. There are many potential hazards to watch out for, such as slippery floors, poor lighting, hot surfaces, heights, sharp objects, defective electrical equipment, the presence of vehicles, chemicals and the possibility of violence (robbery, assault, etc.). In some occupations, substances including cleaning materials, pesticides, paints and construction materials are used, which can affect the health of workers. Additionally, working around people who are sick, hospital waste and workplaces that are contaminated with mold can cause an employee to fall ill. Sometimes, people work in spaces that are designed poorly or are required to perform repetitive movements that strain the body, which may result in an injury over time.

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