From an on-the-job injury caused by a construction site fall to a workplace accident resulting from the negligence of another, there are many reasons why people suffer workers’ injuries. For many Americans, repetitive strain injuries can result in debilitating pain that prevents them from working. In San Bernardino, California, workers who suffer these injuries may experience significant physical suffering and financial problems due to lost wages and medical expenses. Unfortunately, these types of injuries will continue to occur throughout the country and it is vital for injured workers to address their set of circumstances properly.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration provides a concise overview of repetitive strain injuries on their website. There are a wide variety of risk factors when it comes to repetitive strain injuries, such as bad posture, repetitive motions and heavy lifting. Sometimes, these injuries are so serious that a worker cannot even complete simple tasks and is no longer able to handle their job duties. Whether an employee experiences pain due to repetitive computer use or the constant lifting of heavy objects, it is essential for those who have suffered workplace injuries to focus on recovery.

According to information published on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ site, repetitive motion can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and it often takes longer for workers who suffer musculoskeletal injuries to return to work compared to other types of occupational injuries. In 2013, full-time workers employed by state or local governments or in the private sector took time off from work at a rate of 35.8 days per 10,000 workers. Furthermore, musculoskeletal disorders were responsible for one-third of the cases involving people who took time away from work (380,600).