When people think of workplace injuries, some may envision a construction site accident, such as a ladder fall, or think that they don’t run a high risk of suffering an injury in the occupation they work in. However, it is critical for people to recognize the potential dangers associated with repetitive stress in the workplace, which can also result in debilitating injuries that prevent people from working, costly medical expenses and a great deal of physical pain. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we are committed to helping victims of repetitive strain injuries in San Bernardino, and other cities in California.

For many employees, such as an office worker or someone whose job involves bending over frequently, repetitive stress is an issue that must be taken seriously. Regrettably, some employees are very busy at work and don’t focus on preventing repetitive strain injuries until it is too late and they have already suffered an injury. To make matters worse, far too many employers fail to properly educate their employees of the potential risks or take steps to prevent these injuries from occurring.

If you have suffered a repetitive strain injury or any other type of on-the-job injury, it is crucial to explore all of your options immediately. In some cases, people may be entitled to workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits that help them recuperate from the injuries they suffered at work.

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