From emergency room errors to a surgical error or negligent nurse, there are many different examples of medical malpractice that take place every day. However, medication errors can be devastating and victims may experience a wide variety of complications as a result, such as pain, injuries, a worsened medical condition and even loss of life. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we believe this is unacceptable and are committed to supporting those who have been affected by medication errors in San Bernardino, California.

There are many reasons why medication errors occur. In some cases, a negligent pharmacist is responsible, while others are the result of a doctor’s mistake. For victims of medication errors, it is imperative to determine who was responsible for the error and take the appropriate course of action. These errors can lead to a whole host of problems for victims as well as their family members. For example, someone hurt by a medication error may not be able to work, suffer severe physical pain or lose their life because of a mistake that never should have taken place. Also, these errors affect families in numerous ways, causing emotional pain and financial challenges, in some cases.

For victims of medication errors, recovering can be very difficult. After all, some people in this position never expected such a preventable problem to wreak so much havoc in their life. If you visit the medical malpractice section of our website, you can review additional information on medication errors and other types of medical professional negligence.