Every year, a startling number of workers are injured on the job. When these injuries occur, it may throw the employee’s entire world upside down and leave them unsure of which steps to take afterward. In San Bernardino, California, it is very important for a work accident victim who is struggling with a back injury, neck injury or any other injury to understand their rights and options. Also, it is crucial to keep in mind that some employees may suffer a workplace injury due to repetitive stress.

For employees who were hurt at work, taking a look at workers’ compensation benefits and guidelines is paramount. On the website of the State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations, an informative overview of the workers’ compensation process is provided. According to the DIR, workers’ comp benefits help those who have suffered a work-related injury with medical treatment and the partial replacement of lost wages. However, punitive damages or damages related to pain and suffering are not covered by workers’ comp. For those who were injured at work, reporting the injury immediately is critical, since failure to report the injury after 30 days could make an injured worker ineligible for benefits.

After filing a claim, employees are required to provide injured employees with medical treatment. Also, part-time employees and those who aren’t legal residents of the U.S. may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Furthermore, employers cannot fire or retaliate against an employee because they requested workers’ comp benefits due to a job injury. Please remember that this material is not a substitute for legal counsel.