Although there are a plethora of potential hazards on the job, construction workers should be especially vigilant when they are working on a roof, ladder or scaffolding. Sadly, many construction workers in San Bernardino and across the entire state of California have suffered serious injuries or lost their lives after falling. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we believe that people who have been hurt while trying to earn a living should understand their rights and be aware of any benefits they may be entitled to.

From a scaffolding accident to a ladder fall or a forklift accident, the details that surround a construction accident vary and it is imperative for people in this position to approach their situation wisely. Furthermore, the ramifications of these accidents can be significant. For example, someone hurt in a construction fall may face debilitating pain, medical bills they can’t afford and financial hardships caused by an inability to continue working.

For construction fall victims and their families, the consequences of falling can be very devastating. Sadly, some of these accidents were caused by another person’s careless behavior and could have been avoided. If you are going through this yourself, it is crucial to closely analyze your situation. Sometimes, workers’ compensation benefits or compensation awarded after a lawsuit can help victims of these accidents and their loved ones move on.

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