From accidents involving a company vehicle to defective equipment, workplace accidents happen for countless reasons. However, those in the construction industry face particularly dangerous threats every time they go to work. In San Bernardino, and all over California, people who were hurt in a construction accident should do everything in their power to recover. When lives are lost, the families of those who died should also take a close look at the accident. Sometimes, those affected by construction accidents may decide to file suit and hold negligent parties responsible.

The family of a construction worker who passed away in a workplace accident recently took legal action against contractors and supervisors, accusing them of recklessly disregarding dangers on the job. A plaintiff in the case is asking for more than $1 million worth of compensation as a result of lost earnings, burial costs, medical bills, legal fees and other expenses.

The victim, a 51-year-old electrician, lost his life while working on the grounds of a Texas college. According to the lawsuit, proper elevator safety procedures were not followed and the electrician died after he was hit by a falling elevator.

For construction accident victims and their families, filing a lawsuit can be a difficult decision. After all, people affected by these accidents may feel like they don’t have any time, money or energy afterward. However, those responsible for a construction worker’s injuries or loss of life must be held responsible. By reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney, some people are able to develop a better understanding of which steps they should take next.

Source:, “Family of man killed during Baylor business school construction files lawsuit,” Mike Copeland, Dec. 17, 2015