Although any workplace accident can present hardships, those that result in the loss of life are especially devastating. In San Bernardino, California, fatal workplace accidents often create many problems for the families of those who passed away. Not only do many family members experience emotional pain after they lose a loved one, but the financial consequences (funeral costs, lost wages, etc.) can also be overwhelming.

A recent jobsite accident that occurred has been ruled as accidental. According to reports, an Indiana man, who was recently identified by the coroner’s office, passed away while he was working at a compressed natural gas station.

It appears that the man was working on a gas line when the fatal accident took place. Apparently, the gas line fell off of its fitting and the gas that escaped hit the man, causing him to suffer head injuries. He was determined to have died from blunt force trauma caused by the high-pressure gas line.

Whether a workplace accident causes an employee to suffer a minor injury or lose their life, it is vital for those affected to closely evaluate the details of what happened. Sometimes, legal action may be necessary if the incident was a result of someone’s negligent or reckless behavior. Additionally, injured employees may be able to obtain workers’ comp benefits that help them move forward. For some people whose lives have been negatively impacted by a workplace accident, talking to a legal professional may be a wise decision.

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