While workers from all backgrounds face a wide variety of threats on the job, road workers and those employed in the construction industry should be especially cautious while they are at work. Sadly, some accidents are not preventable, whether they were caused by another person’s poor judgment or reckless behavior. In San Bernardino, California, it is pivotal for those who have been hurt while working to try their best to move forward.

A jobsite accident that recently occurred in California is being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Following the mishap, the injured worker was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for injuries he suffered. The accident left the worker in critical condition, according to officials.

At roughly 11 A.M., the Department of Transportation employee was hit by a steamroller. Officials say the worker was pinned between a truck and the steamroller in the incident, which took place in El Dorado Hills. The man’s name has not been released at this time.

After suffering a job-related injury, a multitude of problems may arise for injured workers. With medical costs, lost wages, serious pain, emotional trauma and other hardships, recovery can be difficult. Not to mention, workplace injuries can affect an individual’s entire family also. For some people who are facing these burdens, workers’ compensation can make life much easier. While the details surrounding a jobsite accident vary from one case to another, many people who have dealt with these challenges personally have benefited from consulting a legal professional and discussing their situation.

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