In 2014, more than 2.9 million non-fatal work injury and illness cases were reported in the private sector, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These injuries result in various hardships, such as missing work and medical costs. However, some employees who are hurt at work are permanently disabled and unable to return to their previous position in San Bernardino, and all across the state of California.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation helps many people in this position move forward. According to the Department of Industrial Relations, supplemental job displacement benefits are available for some employees who are displaced from their job as a result of a workplace injury. Those who were hurt after 2013 receive a non-transferable supplemental job displacement voucher equal to $6,000 to help them move forward after suffering a permanent disability. However, vouchers are only available to those who cannot find an alternative position with their employer months after they were hurt.

Once a disabled employee receives his or her supplemental job displacement voucher, the benefit can help the individual cover the cost of becoming certified, licensing fees and job training at an approved school. Those who receive a voucher after 2013 should keep in mind that their voucher expires either five years after their injury or two years after issuance of the voucher. Moreover, vouchers awarded after 2013 are non-exchangeable for any form of cash.

Depending on the extent of a work-related injury, an employee’s life may never return to normal. As a result, it is critical for every worker who is struggling with the consequences of an injury to explore all options and take advantage of resources that can help them recover.