According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers lose $60 billion each year because of traffic accidents. In San Bernardino, and cities across California, these crashes result in a variety of costs for employers, including legal fees, damage to property, missed workplace productivity and medical expenses. Moreover, these wrecks lead to increased workers’ comp costs, which underlines the importance of prevention.

OSHA has outlined a number of steps that employers can take to help reduce the prevalence of on-the-job traffic crashes. For example, employers can review the driving records of their employees, make sure that any company accident is thoroughly investigated and implement a driver safety program. Furthermore, all company vehicles should have routine maintenance and inspections performed.

Employees should recognize the dangers associated with certain behaviors, such as speeding and driving while fatigued or intoxicated. Regrettably, auto accidents will continue to occur regardless of the preventative measures a company takes. In addition to damaged company vehicles and legal costs, these accidents may leave an employee seriously hurt or even dead.

People who are injured in a motor vehicle accident while working could receive workers’ compensation benefits, which help in various ways. According to the Department of Industrial Relations, workers’ comp provides compensation to eligible employees who have had to miss work because of an injury, assists with medical expenses and even offers death benefits to families after their loved one dies. Whether an employee is hurt while driving a company vehicle or injured at work in another manner, it is vital for the worker to focus on recovery.