Jobsite incidents that cause injuries take many forms, from mishaps on construction sites to slip-and-fall events in offices. However, those who play professional sports also become injured on the job and may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in California, depending on their circumstances. If you are a pro athlete or one of your family members is injured while playing a sport professionally, reviewing workers’ compensation eligibility is paramount.

According to the California Legislative Information’s site, some injured professional athletes are able to receive workers’ comp. That said, there are a number of conditions which must be met. For example, an athlete who plays for a team that offers coverage from another state may not be able to receive workers’ comp, even if they suffer an injury while playing in the state of California. On the other hand, athletes who play for a California team could be entitled to workers’ comp if they are hurt during the course of a game.

Aside from major professional sports such as football, baseball and basketball, there are many other types of sports-related injuries that people suffer while performing their job. For example, a jockey may be injured while riding in a horse race. Regardless of the details involved, it is vital for you to take a close look at your options if you are hurt while playing a sport or performing any other type of job duties.

This material was put together to provide information for professional athletes and their families on workers’ comp and is not legal advice.